Apparently, people now mock celebrities just because they can!

Whenever there’s a red carpet event, people like to track their favorite celebrities and check their glamorous looks. One of the major events people await every year is Cairo Film Festival (CFF).

In this year’s CFF, some dresses caused a bigger stir than others. A much bigger stir!

One thing we couldn’t help but notice though was the fact that people mocked celebrities for the exact opposite reasons, like literally.

Extravagant is BAD!

Case in point; Rania Youssef’s extravagant closing ceremony dress seemed to cause the biggest fuss in the festival. A lot called it provoking and inappropriate and accused her of trying to grab attention.



Social media users didn’t seem to hold back when it came to criticizing the artist’s choice.




From its price and style to its exposing nature, people were really coming down on the dress. The fuss caused by this controversial dress was so big that it caught the attention of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate; causing them to release an official statement regarding the subject.

According to youm7; the syndicate announced in their statement that there will be an investigation with the female artists whose dresses did not conform to the society’s customs and traditions. They also stated that those artists will be met with an appropriate punishment to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

UPDATE: According to Al-Dostor; Attorney Samer Sabry lodged an official complaint with the Public Attorney against Rania Youssef accusing her of public indecency.

Ummmm, I mean, it was just a dress but okay…  

Modest is Also BAD!

On a completely opposite note; the very humble, very modest dress that young artist Sarrah Abdelrahman wore in the closing ceremony was also trolled on social media, for the exact opposite reasons Rania’s dress was!

The beautiful artist wore a simple dark blue velvet dress that quite honestly looked stunning on her. However, people didn’t really seem to care about the style of the dress as much as where she had bought it.

After the closing ceremony, Sarah posted pictures of her in the dress with a caption that shocked a lot of people. Apparently, Sarah purchased her red carpet look USED from ‘Wekalet El-Bal7‘ for the modest price of 370 EGP!

Yes, you read right. Take a minute to soak that in! 


In her caption, the young artist continued to explain the intention behind her choice. Saying that she wanted to break the stigma of used items by proving to everyone and herself that she can find the perfect dress for such an occasion at a very reasonable price. Which she gorgeously did. 

With her Wekala dress, Sarrah did not only perform what could be considered as a fashion miracle; she did it in one of the most important events of the year. All to give hope to everyone that you can look amazing and special without having to drown in debt.

You’d think people would be grateful after a gesture like this, but apparently, they weren’t.

While some people applauded Sarah in the comments for her choice; others saw this as an opportunity to mock the artist for what they saw as “fake minimalism”.

Some said she was just creating “a show” while some accused her of trying to grab attention and make people talk about her.

Same accusations directed at Rania!





So basically people are criticizing both artists for doing the exact opposite things… 

Everything is just BAD!

Don’t get us wrong. We, at Identity, like to play fashion police as much as the next guy. But there’s a very big difference between constructive criticism and just playing mean! It’s one thing to say the dress is bad and another to completely bash the person!

When one artist spends thousands of pounds on a dress, people make fun of them for spending all that money on a dress and call them vain! When another does the exact opposite of that, people still found a way to mock them and still called them vain!

It seems as if trolling celebrities has now become some sort of a hobby for people to practice in their free time; completely oblivious to the feelings of the people they hurt!

We get that being in the spotlight places you in a position where your life is no longer your own, but there are still boundaries and celebrities are still human beings. If you have a reason to criticize someone, that’s fine, do it gently. But mocking for the purpose of mocking is not okay and it needs to stop!