Since 2013, the Sandbox Festival has brought many people across the country to the now most favorite destination, El Gouna. Experimenting with remarkable music, quality booze and unique beach activities, Sandbox has had 6 years of making beautiful memories to all its attendees. Topping the “Must Visit Festivals of 2018”, the Sandbox Festival guarantees an “out of this world” experience.

Where and When

On the luscious beaches of Hurghada, Sandbox specifically situates in El Gouna on May 3rd, 4th and 5th. Not only a chance to enjoy a unique festival, but also a chance to enjoy El Gouna and all it has to offer.

Age Limit

Sandbox prohibits anyone under the age of 21. To protect teenagers from getting in trouble, anyone born in 98 or later will not be permitted to purchase a ticket.


Adam Port, Adham Zahran (Live), Aly Baly Goede, Aparde (Live), Avidbold, Baher, Bash, Britta Unders, Chaos in the CBD, Charlotte de Witte, Dekmantel Soundsystem, DJ Boring, DJ Tennis, DWIG (Live), Fulltone (Live), Hassan Abou Alam (Live), Hisham Zahran, HVOB (Live), JADE, Joey, Kerala Dust, Kettenkarussell, La Fleur, Madmotormiquel, Mahmoud Gahallah, Mall Grab, Mike Servito, Mind Against, Misty, Nastia, Or:la, Ouzo, Patrice Baumel, Peggy Gou ,Safi, Saleh Amin, Sebzz, Session Victim, Shiha, Tata, Willow, Zeina,  Zone+

How to Book and Activate Your Ticket

Request your unique code from the Nacelle team by contacting +20 10 11 282827 or e-mail [email protected] to get your booking code. Go to and enter your code. Enter your details and make sure to enter a working email because that’s where you’ll receive your electronic pass. Then, select quantity of tickets and enter your friends’ details (do NOT use the same email more than once), pay and wait for the confirmation email within 48 hours. You’ll be sent your e-ticket upon payment.

Safety and Security

All festival grounds are covered in guards.

A clinic is available at all times.

Lockers are available and under surveillance.