Student Activity

College life may not be all you heard about in the movies but there’s still a chance you can get the whole fun, active college life thing going on. All you need to do is look no further than your college’s student activities to gain some of that.

Before you join a student activity, though, there are some things you should know. Read up before you go into something you might regret.

Picking the activity is no tough chore, but there’s still a catch

The best thing about student activities is that most of the time, they’ll be the ones vying for your attention. Use that to your advantage and pick something suitable, but light at the same time.

Try to weasel out some information from the activity’s booth to see just how much time and effort will be expected from you. If you feel like that workload is too heavy, please leave right away. It’s not worth it.

Remember that at the end of the day, it’s all in good fun

Some people walk into student activities with the admirable mindset that they’ll be changing the world one lecture at a time.

Sadly, that mindset is literally the worst to have because you’d be stressed, unhappy, and serious all the same time. Take it easy; it’s not the real UN and most people join to couple up anyway.

Know that if you join, there’ll be a sacrifice

Not a literal sacrifice, of course, but one nonetheless. Most student activities require people to, you know, free up their Fridays or entire weeks, depending on their committees. This means that hanging out with friends, doing nothing for an entire day, and sleeping in on weekends might diminish considerably.

Also, your friends might mock you relentlessly for saying you can’t hang out because you have a “meeting” and you’re only a college freshman.

If you regret it in the end, don’t worry, you still got time

Even if you follow everyone’s advice and bide your time, you still might feel like you regret joining the activity you’re in. You know what, though? Don’t even stress about it.

If you feel like you’re busy or not getting the experience you want or you’re just not a student activity person, you don’t have to be. Talk to the supervisors, take your bow and leave. You still learned something, at the end of the day.

It’s just harmless fun, so it’s okay to remember that.