You are sitting on the couch, probably binge-watching a series or texting your friends and then you receive a VERY weird text. A text from your ex… Your brain starts playing games on you and thinks of a million wacky reasons why ‘Eli Mayetsamash‘ texted you.

If you haven’t been through this, then let me fill you in on the ultimate dramatic thoughts.

#1: Why Now?

So it has been a couple of months and now you text? What changed? Did you suddenly realize that there is no life after me? Or did you now see my worth?

#2: Is He/She F*cking stupid?

Of course, there are lots and lots of curse words that come to your mind once you see that text. But you keep wondering how their level of intelligence is? Why would you want to text them back after all that happened?

#3: Who is This?

Here comes the version of you that totally moved on and barely remembers this weirdo, so come again ‘who are you?’.

#4: ‘Yaaah Ya 3abd El Samad’

This version of you wanted him/her to text for so long that you just feel surprised when they do. It has literally been ages!

#5: Fo2y: Does He/She Want to Get Back ft. Mahmoud El Esseily

You are wondering whether they are texting to get back to you, but there is this background music of ‘Fo2y‘ by Mahmoud El Esseily because no way in hell you are getting back with this person whatsoever.

#6: Get a Life

You moved on a long time ago and you just feel sorry for the poor person. You are probably in another relationship or even enjoying your single life and there he/she comes still thinking about you. Pray for this little kid to get a life, of course, it won’t be as good as when you were there, but a life is better than nothing.

#7: Ignore Him/Her or Text Back?

This is a dilemma if you are still interested one way or another. But my advice to you is, let the sh*tty person go to have an unsh*tty life, my friend.

#8: What Should I Write, I Don’t Want to Seem Interested

If you are gullible enough to fall for this trap and text back, then let me tell you a secret, you already seem interested. Ooopsss, a huge shock hah? If you don’t want to seem interested then don’t even text back!

#9: Didn’t He/She See How Happy I am, Why Can’t He/She Leave Me Alone?

If your ex didn’t do anything but dramatize your life, then you are definitely having this thought on and on. Since you are super happy now, then don’t let drama slide back to your life through your texts, be smart!

#10: I can Now Ignore You Just Like You Did

Now you have the ultimate power. Because it is time for you to ignore their texts, just like they used to. It might seem childish but feels very rewarding!

#11: What Does He/She Want?

If you were smart enough to not text him/her back, then you probably have this question unanswered, unless you have common friends and you used your FBI stalking and communicating skills. Because 10 years later you’ll still not know why they f*cking texted you in the first place.

You definitely had these thoughts when ur ex texted you, did we miss anything?