Following a heart-sickening breakup, you usually find yourself over-analyzing and over-thinking about the future relationship with your ex and how you two are going to deal with each other from now on. Will you become friends and eventually get back together, or become enemies and never speak to each other again? Evidently, exes almost ALWAYS come back no matter what, even if you haven’t talked in ages; you will surely receive a very unexpected phone call from them at some point in time. The question is: why would they want to contact you again?!


They’re just plain curious.


Your ex will probably call you just to see how you’re managing without them. Are you living your life to the fullest or feeling down and lonely?


They’re already in another relationship but it’s making them miserable.


They will call you to feel better about themselves after realizing that they got involved with the wrong kind of person.


They want something from you.


Your ex might call you because they need something from, maybe a job recommendation, something you borrowed a long time ago or all the gifts they bought you.


They’re keeping you as an option.


Exes like to play games. Once they notice you’re doing well without them, they inevitably try their best to win you back. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they want you back, but they just want to keep you hanging, in case they ever think of getting back together again.


They miss you.

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They miss how they used to talk to you about anything at anytime, from the heartfelt conversations to the funny ones. They miss hanging out with you and the times you spent together.


They want you back.


They realize how foolishly they messed up something that was so good. At that point, they try their best to impress you and show you how much they’ve changed just to get back together.