They say that the first week at the gym is always the hardest until the whole process becomes a daily routine. I say that the first day is what makes or breaks the whole experience, especially because it could go wrong in so many ways. Here’s a list of things that you should prepare for, in order to ensure a lifelong commitment to a fit life in the gym:


You will never feel more out of place in your whole life as you will feel on your first day at the gym

The moment you set foot inside the gym, you will think to yourself at how ridiculous of an idea that was. You will feel so embarrassed at how everyone around you looks like a Hollywood star who knows exactly what they’re doing while you’re absolutely ignorant about which machines to use or how to use them.

fight club

People will tend to think that it is okay to unload their knowledge on you

I dont know how or why, but somehow people who have already been going to the gym for a while think that it is totally okay to come and offer you suggestions on which workouts you should do or not do. Some can even take it an extra mile and suggest which parts of your body exactly need toning. I know, SO MUCH FOR PRIVACY, RIGHT?!


Trainers will literally fight over you

It’s the oldest story in the book; you are the new guy and all of a sudden the whole place revolves around you. You find yourself smothered by a gazillion number of trainers who are offering their help for you to build your so-called dream body, only to realize that it’s for money! WE KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

You will most probably overdo it       

Being a newbie will work its wonders on you. It’s exactly like being a small child who enters a candy shop; you want to have a taste of literally anything and everything. You end up spending 4 hours in the gym attending all the fitness classes and abusing all the equipment, only to go home with unbearably sore muscles and the inability to even shrug your shoulder for 3 days.


You’ll realize how much your working out plan sucks

That is if you even have a plan, but most of the times people who don’t have trainers tend to surf the internet for workout plans, only to actually visit the gym and realize that they have no idea how to do the workout routine or use the equipment. Sometimes, it could even end as bad as making a scene when a bar falls and hits you hard.

The lack of personal space and hygiene will break you to pieces

Believe it or not, but some people find it absolutely fine to take half the changing rooms, both for themselves and for their underwear which is hanging by the bench that you were just about to sit on. It just happens, and while you might find it really inappropriate, you just have to accept that people tend to perceive things differently and that what’s wrong for you might not necessarily be the same for others.

But even though things tend to go really wrong on the first day of hitting the gym, you just have to give yourself a pat on the back because you got yourself there. You are finally making healthy changes to your life, so just suck it up and repeat again next day.