While you were gushing over Maldives’ beaches and Santorini’s mountains, someone else was exploring the beauty of our very own Egypt, and what a beauty it is.

For thousands of years, Egypt has established its place among the most beautiful and majestic spots in the world. Even if it happens to fall behind for some time, it never fails to always rise back from the ashes like the phoenix it is.

If you don’t believe us, ask the hundreds of travel bloggers who have been visiting Egypt from all over the world and losing their minds over the greatness of the Pharaonic history, the breathtaking beauty of Egypt’s beaches and the immensity of its stunning mountain sites.

To further prove it, we have compiled a list for you of some of the world explorers who have been STUNNED by the masterpiece that is Egypt:


1. It is official, The Pyramids are so magical, you will believe you can fly!

Case in point, there goes Corsican skydiving enthusiast Saiyan Benji flying over the Pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

2. Look at the stars, look how they shine in Luxor!

There is no better way to spend your nights than stargazing at the sparkly sky, and no better place to do it than the Luxor Temple. This is what travel blogger Josh Doble discovered when he was mesmerized by the beauty he witnessed during his visit to Luxor.

3. The Maldives who? 


This breathtaking shot was taken when travel-loving Brazilian adventurer Ana Gijsen visited Egypt earlier this year. She was clearly mesmerized by the crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea.

4. Oh, the beautiful serenity! 

This peace-inducing shot was taken at the Egyptian White Desert. This was when American entrepreneur and world explorer April Snow found it irresistible to climb up one of the mini hills of white sand spread across the Egyptian silky desert.

5. Beauty so big that it makes all your troubles seem small. Just ask Alicia Keys! 

Last but not least, the pure greatness of our Pharaohs’ spirits which never fails to amaze. We are talking, of course, about this very expressive shot of Grammy-winning artist Alicia Keys. Alicia stood stunt by these immensely beautiful pillars in the Karnak Temple. I think it’safe to say that if she hadn’t already named her son “Egypt”, she probably would have after this trip.

All of this and so much more captures only a small glimpse of Egypt’s beauty. So before you take off in a plane to God knows where, you might first wanna explore the treasures next door.