Has her eating game gone too far? Have his office habits forced his belly to pop over his belt? Are you feeling pissed, ashamed and afraid of telling your partner that they’ve put on just a little bit of weight? Below are tactics you can use to imply to your partner that they have to work on shedding off those extra pounds: 

  1. Refer to going on a diet together to motivate YOURSELF to lose weight. Strictly, do not emphasize on one party needing to lose weight and keep it as general as possible.


2. Bring up that a common friend had lost so much weight and YOU would like to do the same. A Little bit of reverse psychology would kick in, and in no time, your partner should be committing to a diet too. However, be as cautious as possible in applying this tactic because it may backfire and I won’t be held responsible if that happens!

200(2)3. Talk about exercising together, but first, initiate the topic with activities. For example: “How about we join a dancing class together? Or how about if we both play a tennis game? Sports bonding really enhances relationships. “Hey Bae, would you like to join me for a jog or a swim?” Keep insisting and keep demanding, and if it doesn’t work, do it alone. Doing it alone would trigger a little bit of jealousy and/or inspiration.

200(4)54. Use positive loving remarks; do not speak in negative manner. Use phrases like, “I love you so much and I wish to stay by your side forever. I want us to live long by eating healthier and exercising more.”

200(1)5. When you eat out together, make sure to choose a healthy restaurant. Girls, please don’t say “mesh 3arfa ekhtar inta”. So instead of driving thru McDonalds, head to a healthier venue.

200(4)6. Get your partner a new gift. Buy them a gym membership card; your meaningful gift will mean they now have a new legitimate getaway where they can release all their stress and anger. Do not describe the purpose of this gift as a tool to lose weight.

200(8)7.The best way, however, to talk to your partner about such a sensitive issue is by simply being as open and as honest as you can. “Baba ana gebt kalb” is the best way. After all, honesty is the gas that fuels most healthy relationships.