Written by: Lamis El-fayoumy

The Virgo sign is arguably one of the most easily read by other signs because of the following reasons:

1- Idealistic and perfectionist: They love everything to be perfect and flawless. They get mad easily if they sense any shortage or defect.

2- One man crew: They like to handle tasks alone without asking for others’ help.

3- They treasure their own space. That’s why they like to be alone every now and then in order to manage events or think quietly without any distraction.

4- So picky: They are the kind of people who take forever to choose their friends and partners.

5- Can’t admit love easily: If they have feelings towards someone, they will ignore them until the other party demonstrates their loyalty and true love.

6- Dignity: Virgo dignity is far more important than anything else.

7- Overthinking: Virgos can think 24/7 and stress about everything even though they don’t show it.

8- Criticism: Virgos are sarcastic and can criticize anything they don’t like. They can give you precious advice through criticism.

9- Independent: They merely ask for help or advice and they don’t expect anything from others.

10- Cool and calm: Virgo seems to be cool and calm on the outside only, but they are in fact, very passionate.

11- Getting frustrated and annoyed: They get easily frustrated especially when it comes to dealing with idiots or when they’re expected to answer a lot of questions.

12- Accurate and in love with details: Virgos focus on details more than anyone.


All these facts can make you change your mind before you start misjudging Virgos.