Every girl dreams of her wedding day and her prince charming ever since she, well, started talking. She starts watching fairy tales cartoons hoping that one day, she will be that princess who gets to run away with her handsome prince charming to a land far far away! She starts picturing her life when she finds him and how perfect it will be. Then one day, she suddenly forgets about her prince charming, and only focuses on her fairy tale wedding. And that’s when everything goes wrong.


Love isn’t easy to find, you might be lucky enough to find your other half without looking for him, but you might also have to wait for years until he finds you. When you fall in love before marriage, your chances to survive the marriage till the end are multiplied. You get to really know and understand the person you’re with, get to know your differences, and get to find out whether you can tolerate these differences and bare his flaws or not. Getting to know your partner before getting involved in something serious is really important to your long term relationship. Never underestimate the power of dating your partner for a long, long time.

Lately, I’ve been getting vibes from girls around me that they all just want to get married. They literally use the words “I want to get married” more than “I want to find someone good for me”! Marriage is not about getting out of your parents’ house or getting all the attention on your wedding day, it is much more special when you want to get married because you can’t live without him anymore, and your wedding day is about sharing and celebrating your new life together.

A strong commitment like marriage requires a lot of thinking before taking this step; is he good to you? Is he good to your family? Does your family like him? Can you deal with his parents? Can you trust him? Is he good to his mother? Is he loyal? Can you communicate together? Is he responsible? Is he marrying you for your personality? Do you fight a lot? Can he be the father of your children? Can you depend on him? Is he willing to fight for you? Is he mature enough to handle a home? Is he independent? And many more questions. Not thinking it through can lead to early breakups and divorces.


Now here’s my advice to all the girls out there. Do not get married because you want to leave your parents’ house. Do not get married because all your girlfriends are getting married except you. Do not get married because you want to have a house of your own. Do not get married because you want children. Do not get married because you want to jump into a next level. Do not get married because you want a wedding. Do not get married because your parents want you to. Do not get married because your society thinks that you should. Do not get married because you think you’re getting older. Do not get married because your boyfriend wants to. Do not get married because you think you’re financially ready. Do not get married because he’s traveling abroad for a while and you want to go with him. Do not get married because you live far away from each other and living together will make it easier.

Bottom line is, do not get married unless you are head over heels for him, and he’s crazy about you as well. He is the first thing you want to see in the morning when you wake up and the last thing at night. You want to share with him everything you do and know what’s happening in his life. You want to be there for him whenever he needs you right away. You want to have children just because he will be their father and they will be a part of him. You never get bored of being around him and you think of him as your best friend.


Love will eventually come and you will realize how much it was worth the entire wait. As they say, God saves the good for last. You don’t want the fairy tale to go bad, do you?