Ladies, lately we have been witnessing a shift in the so-called ‘norm’ ofthe  ‘known’ relationship status. Some are falling for older guys and some are simply rejecting any. Here is an insight on one kind of them: the “Baba”.


Allow me first to define the meaning of “Baba”; baba is a handsome, intelligent, tasteful, sensitive, charming old man.

You might fall in love one day with a “Baba” but you will, probably, always be indecisive and confused about the age thing. You are in your thirties or maybe less but you find yourself falling head over heals over this “Baba”. I’ll try to explain why as you read on.


For some unknown reason it is now rare to find a young man your age, who can respect you, satisfy you, or even mature enough to appeal to you. We know they exist but we do not find them easily. If you are still single and you hit thirty years or more, you might easily fall in love with this man who is as old as your father. If you ever find a “Baba” who is as handsome as Richard Gere, George Clooney, Sean Penn, or even Sean Connery, give it a try. Trust me there is nothing to lose about it, on the other hand, this relationship will add to your experience later on.


“Babas”, as a matter of fact, have it all. Unfortunately we cant have everything in life, there could be one barrier if this relationship gets serious; the “baba” will not go for having kids again. Normally at his age he would already have had three if not more from previous marriages.


After extensive research on this topic as I have recently witnessed some of my friends falling for older men. Here is what I concluded:


– Older men are very smart; they know exactly how to deal with women your age based on what they have been through for like thirty years, which is actually your age.

– They have this ability to entertain you. They already have read a lot, so you will always find something to discuss. They do have a good amount of stories and tales to tell. They have watched most of the movies, and listened to all types of music.

– “Baba” is well established, he already has a job, he can easily manage his time, and he will always find the time to see you. He is not stressed when it comes to work load and such issues. He has been there twenty years ago, but not anymore. He is not stressed and busy like guys your age.

– “Baba” is a smart guy by now, he saw you, he got attracted to you the way you are. The possibility of him wanting to change or tame you is very small. Maybe he does not have the time, or he finds it absurd, because by this time he learned from life it is impossible to change a person.

– One of the really good things about “Baba” is that he has his own place by now. You can always pay him visits, watch tv together, talk, and maybe cook. This is exactly why you will find yourself falling in love with him. You will be able to know if he snores in his sleep, messy, clumsy, moody, aggressive, OCD, ADD. You will get to know so many details about him in a very short time, which will eventually help you to take it or leave.


So ladies, now you know some of the reasons why some of your friends would go for old men. And by the way it has nothing to do with the concept of “that girl had issues with her father, or was so attached to him” so she picked a guy his age. I find it very mature of the girl because it tells me she knows what she really wants. Please stay away from the Egyptian movies “3ammo Aziz and Ayna 3omry” come on. This is bullshit, not all old men are ZakiRostom, an

  • Mohamed Raafat Samy

    You almost said sleep with hiim. What do you mean visit himin his home? He will play around with a young girl, get in her pants and he won’t marry a slut