I think it’s safe to agree that one of the most valuable childhood memories has always been the family time over the dining tables. And by family, we don’t just mean blood relatives, but our chosen families as well.

Sadly, through the years, people have seemed to forget about the dining tables, and the bonding time hasn’t been as authentic as it used to.

Luckily, Almarai – the number one dairy brand in Egypt – decided to bring back those precious times and launched their new cooking platform Sufret Almarai to let people bring back those moments.

The aim is to bring back the moments with family and friends over good food!

Almarai chose Chef May Yacoubi as their brand ambassador for Sufret Almarai. Yacoubi is known for her tasty, yet homely and easy to follow recipes, and there was no better choice as an ambassador but her!

The cooking platform was introduced during Ramadan, the only month where we barely have some of those bonding moments, to encourage people to continue the dining table experience throughout the year.

The introduction of Sufret Almarai in itself had many people talking, cause it was like no other launch event. Almarai, launched with high-end digital video content, as well as state of the art food content.

The content is told in a story-telling manner that is based on beautiful and appetizing food, which stands out of the widespread Buzzfeed style but with recipe videos. All used ingredients are easily accessible to us in Egypt.

Almarai even managed to cause a bang with their launch event, where they hosted a private Iftar event with selected chefs and foodies. All headed to Dahab Island Palace, where they got to experience the concept of Sufret Almarai coming to life and bond over good food.

How can you bring this bonding experience to your own home?

Simple, the platform takes place on Instagram, @sufretalmarai, where you can simply follow them, then try their recipes and tag them in your stories for a chance to be featured. After following the recipes, it’s your job to gather your loved ones of the dining table and bond like old times!