Spending your time with family is something we all enjoy, but sometimes figuring out what to do is a bit of a hassle, especially when you’ve tried everything already! Which is why this summer, Identity has got you covered with an action-packed adventure filled to ensure that there’s never a dull moment this summer!


An adventure that involves both exercise and fun! Paintball is the perfect balance between good old-fashioned family time with all the benefits of an adventure. But you’re not just pitted against each other in teams and shooting at each other. The venue actually sets missions like capturing a fort or having stand-offs, so it’s definitely a family friendly activity that will get your competitive spirits up and pump up the family bonding in your veins right with all the adrenaline! There are plenty of paintball places around Cairo. From 6th of October to Rehab, you’re bound to find one close by. If you’re worried about the heat, this doubles as a great evening activity.

Azhar Park

What sounds better than open gardens and great views combined with great food and company? Nothing, right? Azhar Park is the perfect place to visit with your family for a nice picnic and an evening spent under the moonlight on the grass. All the outdoor activities you’ve so craved in a backyard can be fulfilled there. Whether it’s flying a kite or kicking around a soccer ball, you’ve got the space and the appropriate weather for all your fun needs. You can also visit one of the many restaurants there for a filling dinner and enjoy rolling down the grassy hills along with the kids!

Sand boarding:

Take your family and go on a real adventure by going sand boarding. Beat the heat by waking up at the crack of dawn and hitting the dunes. This is a fun activity that  takes place in beautiful natural scenery where you can later star gaze and sit around the fire. There is nothing like connecting with nature and family at the same time. This gives you the chance to show your kids the natural beauty this country hides so well. They will feel like they’ve stepped into a post card as they enjoy Egypt’s different deserts and their unique qualities. You can also ride dune buggies and camels and have all the desert adventures your little heart desires.

Fagnoon Day

Combine art and family and spend a day in Fagnoon. The lovely natural getaway offers so many different activities you can enjoy. From the pottery to the mud and color fights, you’re guaranteed old fashion dirty fun! This is also a good option for you to take on with family or friends since the more people, the more fun you’re guaranteed to have! Don’t forget to have the lovely freshly made feteer and embrace the messy nature of the day. Let your hair loose and release your inner child out; your children will thank you for it.

Museum Excursions

Egypt is the land of countless museums and historical sights. You owe it to yourself and your kids to explore all this beautiful country has to offer. If they are more into natural history, they will enjoy the Agricultural Museum in Dokki, which has a huge display of a fossil whale! If you’ve already been to the Egyptian Museum and The Citadel and want to try something off the beaten track, you should definitely pay a visit to the Muhammad Ali Museum in Manial. Its gardens are full of exotic plants which were transported to Egypt by Muhammad Ali from around the world!

Outdoor Camping

Sometimes the city can get too bustling. If you want to do something really memorable with your kids, then camping is the best choice! Camping in Wadi El Rayan protectorate is an unparalleled experience. Here, you can also view whale fossils and sleep by the stars which you can’t spot in the city. Or you can visit the Farafra desert which is known for its white sands!

Spa Day

When you need a day to relax, make a point to book a spa day for you and the kids! You can enjoy all the treatments together or allow your kids to lounge by the poolside while you get your exfoliation and cleansing treatments. The kids will enjoy the luxury treatment and get a taste of the adult life every child dreams of. The Nile-Ritz Carlton offers excellent spa treatments and packages, so be sure to check them out!

Escape Rooms

This activity relies on keen thinking, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. For a few hours, you and your family are trapped in a special themed room with clues and tasks around the room to help you escape. We personally recommend Locked in’s Sherlock Room; it left the Identity Team baffled! The lab themed room in Trapped is also an interesting experience. These rooms rely on teamwork, so it’ll be fun for the whole family.

These activities are all great for reconnecting with your family this summer. And with all the variety, you’re sure to have an action packed season.