Cartoons have always been equally popular with kids and adults because they’re funny, adorable and pure. But what if they were even more twisted than some horror movies? Some fans believe that many cartoons are evil and very dark. Here are some bizarre fan theories that will probably crush your innocent childhood memories but somehow still make sense.


Scooby-Doo is a drug-induced cartoon; it was set in the 70s, a time when hallucination drugs were quite popular. Based on facts, a theory proposes that Shaggy is a high school dropout who probably did little besides getting high. Scooby-Doo, his dog, obviously doesn’t speak and most problems are caused by Shaggy’s frequent tripping. Shaggy is constantly smoking up in the back of the mystery machine where he and Scoobi spend a lot of time. This accounts for the smoke that comes out of the truck whenever they open it. What about the Scooby snakes? They’re munchies of course.

Now what about the rest of the gang? Fred and Daphnee, the popular kids, hang out with Shaggy because he’s the dealer. Velma? She’s said to be a chemist who likes plants, which obviously means, she must be the supplier.

-The Flintstones


The Flintstones cartoon is about a family of cave men who live in the Stone Age. But ever noticed them celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving? And remember when they met with The Jetsons, who live in the far future? All of this might mean that The Flintstones never lived in the past, but in the far future in the Post-Apocalyptic world.

-Courage the Cowardly Dog


Courage is actually a regular dog living in a regular house. His owners, Eustace and Muriel, are old and never take him out for walks, so there’s literally “nowhere” to go outside his house. Since he never goes out, he’s scared of everyone around him and assumes they’re all villains. This theory actually makes a lot of sense, because that’s normal dog psychology. Remember to always take your dog out for walks.

-Dexter’s Lab


The idea of a kid having a huge secret lab is just bizarre. Some claim, however, that Dexter is actually schizophrenic and lives in his own imaginary world. Since DeeDee is young, she keeps making fun of his illness and that’s why she’s the only one who has “access” to his lab. Poor Dexter…



All babies in the cartoon series ‘Rugrats’ are dead and Angelica is imagining them. Angelica is portrayed as a bully who is neglected by her mother. It’s well known that neglected children sometimes turn into schizophrenic bullies and; and Angelica was definitely one. She imagined the babies and bullied them in her own imagination.

Let’s go through the kids one by one. Tommy died when he was still a baby, which lead to his father’s obsession with making babies toys. Chuckie wasn’t even born; he died with his mother. Phil and Lil’s mother who is portrayed as a butch lesbian, had an abortion with them. Since Angelica didn’t know the gender, she imagined twins.


These are all fan theories which were never confirmed by the creators. Either way, they could indefinitely ruin your innocent childhood memories.