Bahaa Sultan

In the last couple of days, Twitter and Facebook were exploding with lengthy posts and a number of hashtags supporting Egyptian singer Bahaa Sultan.

It’s been a while since we last heard of Sultan; and the reason goes back to the ongoing feuds and lawsuits between the singer and his longtime producer Nasr Mahrous.

And it’s not that people were not already aware of the situation but the thing is, Bahaa Sultan appeared on Sahbet El-Saada‘s New Year’s Eve episode with Esaad Younis.

And that’s when the whole topic was opened up again.

All because the host decided to make the nicest gesture and send a message to Mahrous on live TV, basically begging him to rekindle his partnership with Sultan – and let people hear his voice again.

It wasn’t long until Mahrous shared a Facebook post replying to her and expressing his gratitude for her interference. And assuring that his company will always welcome Sultan with open arms, no matter what.

Mahrous also mentioned that Sultan is like a son to him and hinted at how he felt like a hurt father whose son left him behind but could still never give up on him.

The producer also added that he gave the singer a phone call following the episode. But that’s how much we know, for now.

And for those who know nothing about the initial problem between Sultan and Mahrous; let us explain with a quick recap:

Sultan signed a monopoly contract with Mahrous’s company from the very beginning and because of some other feuds and the producer not releasing his 2014 album, the singer refused to renew the contract.

Which obliges him to pay 1.5M USD worth of penal clause. Since the contract doesn’t end until the singer releases three albums with the company. And from that point onwards – lawsuits have been filed left and right.

That being said, because Sultan actually has a huge fanbase, some of which are fellow singers and actors – people didn’t let the last couple of days slide without standing in solidarity with their beloved favorite star.

It’s 2020; it’s basically the time of new beginnings and fresh starts, you never know what’s going to happen! We wish Sultan the best and like the rest of his audience, we can’t wait for him to release new content soon after the feud is over!