We imagine you can still remember the buzz from that last Mediterranean Games event in Spain 2018, where Farida Osman won three medals for Egypt; two gold and one silver. At that time-period, we all felt the hype because another world-class athlete was cementing Egypt’s name world-wide.

If you miss that, you won’t have to wait much for that feeling’s return. Farida Osman is gearing up to Tokyo Olympics 2020 and she has one very special message.

Farida’s Message to the People

In a recently launched ad by Hyde Park Developments, Osman gives us a simple phrase that sums up her journey.

“I’m here”, she says. “Coincidence?”

The story continues to show that Osman’s journey was anything but a coincidence. Everything she has and everything she achieved was brought into being out of sheer hard work.

From hours of practice and training, from swim meet to swim meet, all this work built up like a perfect machine to make Osman the champion she is today, an inspiration to many young athletes.

This is a fact she is not forgetting, as she hopes that in her journey to Tokyo 2020 she would inspire many young athletes to follow in her footsteps and believe that any goal is achievable.

Much like other athletes, Osman couldn’t do it without willpower, effort, and support from those who believed in her.

This is where Hyde Park Developments come in.

Hyde Park Developments’ Role in Supporting Farida


As they launched the ad, Hyde Park Developments made sure their message was clear.

They don’t believe in coincidences, they believe in hard work.

This is why they’re supporting Farida Osman’s ultimate journey until she reaches her goals in Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond, giving her all the support she needs to achieve more tournaments and titles.

Naturally, this is a huge step because Hyde Park Developments’ support represents the private sector’s ambition to help local talent in sports.

HPD’s partnership with Osman shows the ways companies can support and motivate athletes, supporting them when they need extra resources and support to go to the next level and more.

Sometimes the help the companies offer might not seem grand in the scale of things, but in an athlete’s career, even the smallest details count.

More on Osman and Hyde Park Developments’ Partnership

Hyde Park Developments’ sponsorship of Osman isn’t a new thing. It’s important to note that the company launched the athlete’s sustainable brand & logo promising to go further than financial support.

The spark that brought this partnership to life came from the fact that Farida Osman and Hyde Park Developments share the same values and beliefs about success, hard work, determination, and staunch support of little girls.