Some people claim that fashion is just a luxury. We beg to differ. International fashion brands have been trying to raise awareness about bigger causes for decades now. Locally, more and more fashion venues are following the global trend.

You know how good it feels when you find an outfit you love?

We all do. But you know what’s even better?

shopping for a good cause.

This is why the people behind The Sahara Collection, the top notch clothing brand for cultural and fashion fusion, took it upon themselves to give back to their society. In collaboration with Banati Foundation, they have launched the #SEW Campaign (Sahara Empowers Women) in a noble act of supporting women’s employment and empowerment. Through the campaign, Sahara will be donating a part of their profit for the Egyptian foundation working to support children at risk, in street situations, and those deprived of family care.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Banati Foundation, Let us brief you in..

Banati Foundation is an Egyptian foundation established to support the affairs of children at risk, especially girls, by giving them housing, empowering them through rehabilitation programs programs. According to them, their vision is to empower children at risk to overcome their dire conditions and to help them integrate safely in society.

But, how did Sahara come up with the idea, originally?

When they looked up, they found that 95% of their factory employees are women. Hence, it was only natural they decided to carry the torch of honoring women with such a campaign. The plan is, putting 3 clothing items from the Sahara collection on display and 15% of the proceeds directly go to the foundation.

Now, How can you take part in the action?

By shopping from the 3 items Sahara picked in partnership with Banati, you too can have a share in the good deed.

In our own opinion, small actions like this one are ought to be supported. We mean, what’s better than putting your shopping hours into good use?