Fathy abdelwahab


Fathy Abdelwahab has blown all the whistles in some great scenes while acting the villain this Ramadan. He even outclassed old Egyptian stars like Mahmoud el Meligy who previously mastered the villain roles. Here are a few reasons why Fathy Abdelwahab deserves more attention than what he is currently getting for his outstanding role in “Abo Omar Elmasry” series.

Facial Expressions and Body Language

Nowadays not many actors put too much emphasis on their facial expressions and body language, but Abdelwahab took it to a whole new level especially in his scene with Ahmed Ezz at the courtyard.

He doesn’t even needs words; his face and body language are doing all the talking. Just get him within your camera frame and leave the rest to him.

The Psychopath

Currently, no one can play the role of the psychopath better than Fathy Abdelwahab except may be his only competition Bassel Elkhayat.

The Funny Serious Way

He is the only one who can make this contrast work; you are laughing when he is crying in a serious scene. If it doesn’t make sense then you should probably watch this scene to understand.

Fathy Abdelwahab is one of a kind and needs to get more attention from producers and the audience. His acting may look flawlessly easy, but it’s really very complicated.

Don’t miss Abo Omar Elmasry; you will enjoy watching it.