Typical to Egyptian customs, Suhoor is a combination of foul, eggs, and falafel. It’s not easy to find the perfect place that can ultimately give us the satisfaction we need, but we’ve come pretty close!

1. Foool Tank – Delivery Only 

Although they only deliver, Foool Tank is known for its stylish gourmet foul and ta3meya.

2. 3am Hamada – resides at Abdel Hameed Soliman Street

Make sure to try this one of a kind sausage foul!

3. Abou Rasha – Ibn Katheer Street, Dokki

Offering you an unlimited supply of bread, Abou Rasha is known for the best plain foul sandwhcihes in all of Dokki.

4. El Ga7sh – El Sayeda Zeinab

Skip the judgement on the name, and try the foul bel zeit el har, w ed3olna!

5. Fool Court – 50th street, Zahraa El Maadi

Visit Fool Court in Zahraa El Maadi and experience a new twist to our favorite Suhoor choice.

6. Foulatysme – Commercial Market 2, District 8, Masaken El Sheraton

A French way to enjoy your foul! Foulatsyme is a special kind of foul truck as it entertains you with classical French music, and French twists on the food.

7. 3am Rabee3 – New Cairo’s Salah El Din Street

The foul with ta3meya sandwiches are surely unmissable at 3am Rabee3’s.

Make sure to try out these places all Ramadan long!