Some people say “You are what you eat” but I say “You are what you watch”! Oftentimes, the TV. Shows we pick are based on our preferences and our personality. If we’re typically funny people, we’ll watch a comedy. But what do our favorite TV relationships say about us? If I like Ross and Rachel’s relationship from Friends, what does that say about me or my relationships? Well, instead of just wondering, we’ve worked up a list and here it is:

1- Daenerys and Jorah- Game of Thrones

You basically really like each other but you haven’t been really vocal about it. You’d rather not ruin the friendship you’ve already got, and being together really wouldn’t work if it happened. If you’re the guy in this relationship, you’re in the friend zone. If you’re the girl, you’re the one doing the friend zoning!Jorah-Daenerys-jorah-and-daenerys-32094379-500-300

2- Lilly and Marshall- How I Met Your Mother

You’ve been dating for as long as you can both remember. You’ve both reached a level of comfort with each other and tell each other everything. You’ve seen each other at your worst; you’re a fun loving funny pair who are basically attached at the hip at this

3- Ross and Rachel- Friends

You two have been drawn to each other from the start. As much as you’ve tried to deny it, you’re meant for each other. You’re bound to end up together, if only the other person can forgive you and realize “You were on a break!!!”Ross:rachel

4- Harvey and Donna- Suits

You two have tried being together once but realized it might affect your friendship so decided against it. You know each other so well; you basically know what the other person wants before they even ask for it. You both really love each other but won’t act on your feelings for fear of it ruining what you have.Harvey:Donna

5- Penny and Leonard- The Big Bang Theory

You both have completely different tastes and interests but somehow make it work. The good thing is you get along with their friends despite the difference in interests and try to make an effort to learn about what your partner likes.Penny:leonard

6- Effy and Cook- Skins

This relationship is really toxic. You’ve tried leaving each other, but you always keep coming back. Neither of you are good for each other, but you stay with the other person anyway because you just can’t seem to break the cycle.cook:effy

7- Jim and Pam- The Office

You’re both each other’s best-friend; you make each other laugh. Despite the rough times, you’ve stayed with each other through thick and thin. With this person by your side, you’re sure to overcome anything that comes your way, even long-distance!jim:pam

8- Carrie and Mr. Big- Sex and the City

When it comes to you two, your relationship is kind of problematic. It’s never been easy. You struggle with things like labels and you’ve never defined what either of you are. Everybody around you assumes you’re a couple but the truth is you’re not!Carrie:big

9- Chuck and Blair- Gossip Girl

You started out hating each other. You literally couldn’t stand each other until you started developing feelings for each other! It was hard to believe you’d overcome all odds and connected, despite all the challenges you had.Chuck:blair

10- Elena and Damon- The Vampire Diaries

This relationship might seem like it works but the truth is, one of you thinks they don’t deserve the other person. You’re constantly trying to be a better person for your significant other, but it’s tiring because you can’t live up to their expectations.Damon:Elena

11-Schmidt and CeCe- New Girl

You’ve met through mutual friends, and though you’ve found it hard to admit, you were into each other from the start. Your relationship is weird and not a lot of people understand it. It kind of seems like one of you is out of the other’s league but you still love each other anyway!Cece:schmidt

12- Emma and Hook- Once Upon a Time

You guys would do anything for each other; you’re the couple of ultimate sacrifices. you’re ready to do anything for each other even if it means going to hell and back!Emma:hook

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments!