You might have visited many cafés and cultural spots where music events take place. Are you bored of the same places, looking for a new experience,here it is. If you still haven’t  visited “Room”, then you are missing a lot!


It’s located in one of the most famous historical buildings in Cairo at Garden City. The building is called “The Grey Pillar” or “Number 10”. The building served as the Cairo headquarters of the British Army in 1941, where strategic decisions related to World War II were made, and figures such as Charles de Gaulle are believed to have visited. The building  reflects a unique architectural style, and now Room is actually helping to shade the lights back on this piece of art.

You will feel the different atmosphere of Room, as soon as you step in, its name “Room” is reflecting the idea of the place. It’s basically one big room that has a nice warm place for coffee and a highly equipped area to allow several activities to take place- like musical concerts, movie nights, yoga and dancing classes.

room 1

The managing team of Room actually succeeded in showing how each activity is a special experience. Ahmed Zeidan, the manager, says that as a cultural spot, they’re keen on presenting music, activities and films that are different and also to promote and preserve oriental music.

Concerning the coffee area, its colors are carefully selected with a combination of blue and brown to give an incomparable warmth. The tables are small decorated with candle and every Sunday a “Candlelit Sunday” is organized, where the whole place is decorated with candles so guests can grab their coffee and chit chat over  candle lights.

As for the movie nights, they have a monthly fixed schedule. The selection and the atmosphere of the movie night has got a different flavor. You can simply watch your favorite classical movies, English and Arabic, while enjoying free pop corn. If you crave for delicious food while watching the movie, you will find welcoming faces who will serve you dinner from their special food menu. So you will basically end up watching a Frank Sinatra or a Roshdi Abaza movie, while enjoying a candle light dinner and free pop corn!


If you’re a musical person and want to free you mind while listening to underground bands playing Jazz or Oriental Egyptian music, then this is the place for you. Maryam Saleh, Zeid Hemdan, Like Jelly, Tamer Abu Ghazala and Maktoub bands play there. All concerts are documented and recorded and will be aired on a YouTube channel to deliver the non-commercial music to a wider audience.

One of  the most successful concerts that has been held was the concert of Sheik Zein, an Egyptian artist who has been teaching oriental music in France. He is one of the main artists who is very keen to preserve the heritage of the real oriental music. The managing team are working on letting him hold a workshop where people can learn more about oriental music.

Whether you go for a movie night, a concert, or just chilling, it’ll be a new experience. If you are looking forward to get the best service and enjoy a totally new experience, don’t think twice before heading to Room: Your Ultimate cultural spot!