Why are so many of us feeling lost? While it may seem for others that we’re on the right track, we still ask ourselves: “Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right track? Why am I so unsatisfied? Is it because of my work or maybe some other factors?”

1. Drift Syndrome

You often wonder how you ended up working at your job! You just can’t figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing! As unfortunate as it seems, instead of planning out your career, you drift along the tides of life until you settle where you are now, feeling unhappy and unsatisfied. But you have to accept that because it has still helped shape who you are today! In Egypt, you graduate and expect the best is yet to come but it takes a LONG time to actually get there! Probably in your late 30’s 😀


2. Can’t Find Your Purpose?

Are you feeling detached from a larger sense of purpose? Again, you are not the only one. Many of us work on administrative tasks that may seem irrelevant from our larger sense of purpose. We work for the company’s name and the customers’ money. It is hard to get motivated when you have a shallow sense of what you are doing, and how it contributes to the bigger picture!

3. Social Support is NOT that Real

Nowadays, we lead very disconnected lives. We are all plugged into social networks that supposedly offer ‘real’ benefit. But are they really like that? Not necessarily! These types of networks are great to socialize and spend time together, just for the sake of TIME!  But, do they offer real value? No! At the end of the day, we feel isolated, and this feeling is ironically growing at the same pace of our online network!

young girl texting cell phone sitting alone

4. Media Platforms Distractions

Nowadays, we stay connected to all social media platforms, for no good reason! It seems we have chosen to stay connected at the cost of our mental and physical health! High levels of media connectivity inevitably lead to attention deficit. No wonder you feel distracted and inefficient at work, if you are constantly checking news alerts, e-mails, messages, etc! How do you expect to get quality work done when you’re that overwhelmed by what’s all happening around you! You just don’t have enough time for work or yourself!

5. Bad Diets Effects on The Mind

Everybody is unbelievably obsessed in a way or another with fast food. It’s an epidemic, and you wonder about the health problems that have surfaced lately! Studies have shown that fast food negatively affects our ability to process information, in terms of speed and memory! Just remember how sharp your memory used to be when you were younger!


6. False Expectations From Media Representations 

We usually pay close attention to how the media portrays anything from food to real estate, to banking! Being part of a consumer society which chooses to follow the herd, you end up wondering all alone in vicious circles. You find yourself, trying to measure your happiness against such media representations, and usually fall short beyond your expectations! You start to wonder if success will find your way if you are following the trends set by the media. You question who you are, and why are you so far from achieving happiness?

Credit given to Forbes