Awkward People

We’re all a little more upfront about our social awkwardness these days. This, however, doesn’t mean that this is how things will have to remain, though.

Being sociable may not be a gift everyone possesses, though it’s something we can still manually work on achieving. Yes, this sounds harder in theory, but then again, this is why you’re reading this article.

Remember That Everyone Else Is Human Too

The thing that might make you not want to try anything mentioned here is that you might be afraid. Okay, not afraid but maybe anxious. Everyone is seeing you, after all, so they’re very much going to judge you.


This is okay, though. We’re not just saying anything, believe us. It’s just that everyone else is human too, so they have their faults and awkward habits too.

You just didn’t see them or maybe you didn’t notice because they didn’t care.

Get Weird

It’s very easy to regard this piece of advice and just roll your eyes. Yeah, right. Get weird is exactly the same as “be yourself” and “don’t be afraid to show a little personality“.

Actually, though, it is kind of true. Most people are weird and if they aren’t, then you really haven’t found the right topic.

Another thing that being weird will give you is a chance to breathing with relief because you won’t be holding anything back.


Just give it a try. If it doesn’t work, well, you can always avoid that person for eternity. At least you tried, though.

Don’t Overthink Things

Social interactions are usually very hard for those who take things and dissect them way beyond the topic boundaries. Don’t overthink these kind of things.

Star Trek

Losing sleep over whether so-and-so meant a vague joke as an insult or not really isn’t worth it. You know why? Because so-and-so probably didn’t think about that interaction a minute after it happened.

Ask The Real Hard-Hitting Questions

Even if you apply every method we’ve written about and others you’ve found out elsewhere, there is still an issue we need to discuss.

Sometimes, conversations just lag and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. We’ve all had moments when conversations faded and we had no idea what to say next even though we really want to.

Veronica Mars

So, we’ve taken the liberty to gather up all the possible ice breakers in the world for you and all we can tell you now is you shouldn’t be afraid to try them out.

Yes, they might be silly and ridiculous, but then again, we’ve also told you to get weird, so this all aligns perfectly. One way or another, the ice will be broken and the awkwardness will fade.

We have nothing more to add here, except for one thing. Whenever you think you’re being embarrassing, just be sure someone has already beaten you there.