Everyday, when you’re stuck in traffic, you ask yourself “How can I distress myself at least for an hour?” You sometimes want to chill and listen to some good music, or have a new experience with your friends. If that’s the case, then it’s time to pay ” Do2do2″ a visit! But who is “Do2do2”?

“Do2do2 ” is the name of the first, and best, Felluca spot in Cairo. It’s located in front Nile Plaza and Grand Hayat Hotels in Garden City. Just park your car at one of the hotels and head to “Do2do2”. A couple of stairs by the Cornish will guide you to the Felluca spot.

They have 2 types of fellucas; motor and sail boats. The sail boat, which is the popular one, gets visted by people from all over the world, says Mohamed the owner of the place. Its uniquely designed to make it sail away, depending on the wind direction across the Nile, making it a relaxing experience.


The one hour tour is surely going to take your breath away with the scenery, whether you take the felluca in the morning or at night. The Nile is wide in this spot and the reflection of the sun over the Nile makes it glow like silver. If you take the felluca after the sunset the reflection of the hotel lights over the Nile, you’ll realize how beautiful Cairo is.

The felluca, which takes up to 20 people, could be taken alone or with friends. You can get your snacks and music and chill. If you forget your own music, don’t worry, the felluca got its own!


If the idea of felluca scares you, don’t be. Safety measures are high at Do2do2. Professional trained salesmen from Aswan cleverly ride the felluca. It is worth mentioning that Do2do2 has been operating since 1923! Since the grandfather established the felluca business in Cairo after it was merely in Aswan.

Do2do2 is also highly recommended for tourists who come to experience an unforgettable Nile tour, as Do2do2 is suggested in a couple of guiding books.


Enjoy your tour!