Expressing femininity is a beautiful thing, most importantly it’s very unique. Women are so powerful, but what makes their power shine even more is how they embrace their femininity and take pride in it. It is actually a big-if not the biggest-sign of strength.

For that matter, we were pleasantly surprised, mostly proud to see Lux’s latest campaign – Kol Bent 7ekaya (Every girl is a story) – because it proves that a woman’s femininity is her superpower, that women embracing their feminine qualities doesn’t go against them being strong in any way.

Lux’s campaign for their Soft Touch line proves how being feminine is not only about being beautiful, yet it is about being beautiful, successful and much more. Whether by having a flourishing career, raising a family, leading an athletic life, having an active social life, or maybe all of that at once, cause why not?

What is stopping you? Life is not all black and white, it will never be for women; and Lux is significantly stressing that. Lux believes that women are multi-taskers by nature; they cope with juggling priorities and switching between tasks, and nothing can be more feminine than that!


The campaign truly encourages Egyptian women to celebrate their femininity unapologetically regardless of the walks of life they choose, proving that beauty is more than meets the eye. It is not about choosing a certain lifestyle to be feminine, it is not about makeup nor is it about fashion. Femininity is in everything a woman does, no matter what it is. Here, the inspiring campaign is about learning to embrace the uniqueness of that!

The women featured in the campaign were the highlight of it all. Lux features three strong women who have made a name for themselves in a male dominant field; including cinematographer Haya Khairat, a former model, and now a refuge worker, Malak Mansour, and social worker Sara Abed.

The three examples used in the ad are merely just a representation of the many women who achieved big successes in life, yet still kept in touch with their feminine side.

Lux has always been encouraging women to take pride in their femininity, starting with their top selling products, which can easily be found in every Egyptian household. Even the names of their products are feminine. Soft Touch, created from world class fragrances and merged with oil like world class perfumes, provides a long lasting smell and softness.

Hats off to Lux and the women featured in the campaign. We’re still curious, however, what is your story? Share it with Lux on their Facebook Page using the # كل_بنت_حكاية hashtag!