Yesterday, Egypt’s internet sensation Fifi Abdo, held a press conference to announce her belly dancing comeback!!

Although the belly dancer turned actress turned social media superstar never really retired as she technically never stopped dancing – not once.

Everybody could already tell that from the videos she regularly posts on Facebook and Instagram, almost every day. Still, she hasn’t performed in public events, parties or even in her TV series since forever.

During yesterday’s conference, she announced that she’s getting back to belly dancing mainly to make her fans happy. Our Fofa loves the internet so much and apparently, she loves to entertain people and spread positive energy.

The 65-year-old stressed on how people on social media make her happy, and that she would like to return the favor in real life.

She also talked about how she wants to host huge parties to entertain everyone, just like she does on the internet from home. The fact that she misses the stage so much is also accelerating her official comeback.

Fofa also talked about how she doesn’t mind all the criticism, as long as she’s doing what she loves. And being a public figure, especially considering her history, background and reputation; people will find it hard to come at her.

So basically, Fofa is REALLY returning everyone! And not just to host parties but to also dance in movies and TV series so stay tuned Y’all, cause she’s finally back and sooner than you think; this New Year’s Eve!

Sources: Honna