Egyptians are known for their sarcasm even when it comes to enemies. We love making fun of almost everything even catastrophes. That’s why we have to fight ISIS the Egyptian way…. by making fun of them. Use the same weapon to make ISIS a silly joke instead of a scary giant monster.

So ISIS, watch us make fun of you 😉

  • The only thing you’re good at is washing ….. brains.


  • The only place you belong to is …. The kitchen! 


  • Your outfit is très chic… and YUMMYYY too !!


  • That’s how the world sees you 


  • Congratulations, you made it to the top fashion magazine’s cover 1409431769878_Image_galleryImage_jihadi_vogue_JPG
  • They take good care of their hair! 


  • It’s not a historical movie guys, this isn’t scary this is actually funny!


  • Their leader over spends on western inventions.. A ROLEX !! (So Modest)


  • But his wife (Mrs.Abou Bakr El Boghdady) spoils him the right way after all 😉 

abo bakr el bigdaddy

  • And, at the end, Kurdish women kick your asses almost daily!


So ISIS, that’s how we see you. we’re not afraid of what you are doing, It actually gives us a good laugh and you’ll never fail to amuse us !!

Have a good day 😉