With only 3 days left until the end of Ramadan and with everything said and done, it’s time we speak our truth about all the shows we’ve been watching for almost a month now.

WARNING: no sugarcoating ahead!

El Brens

Disappointing But Not At All Surprising.

We all end up watching Mohamed Ramadan’s work. And honestly, El Brens is super fun to watch and all but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a little repetitive, poorly written and unoriginal.

El Ekhteyar

Interesting Take.

El Ekhteyar is definitely a show for a good cause, but the runners made it only about that and forgot how it’s-at the end of the day-a drama. Nonetheless, we understand how the circumstances around it are sensitive.

El Nehaya

Huge Disappointment.

We are all for sci-fi, but why make it so riddled to the point where no one would understand nor enjoy? And after the whole Messiah hassle, we completely lost interest.

B 100 Wesh

Less Than Perfect.

We always rooted for B 100 Wesh and still. But honestly, it’s not free of minor plot holes and scenes that didn’t make any sense. No, forget that we love it way too much!

La’bet El Nesyan

A Fallout.

When Dina El Sherbiny announces a new series, we expect a lot. Especially in the past few years. This year, we feel the show could’ve been like 10 episodes only given the lack of action going on!

Lama Kona Soghayareen

Strong Start, Weak Finishing.

With Mahmoud Hemeida and Khaled El Nabawy, our expectations were high. It started strong but somehow went only downhill from there. But we’re definitely here for that plot twist coming our way!

Forsa Tanya

Ridiculously Bad.

Do we even have to comment at this point?

El Fetewa

Had Potential.

El Fetewa definitely showed a lot of potential but it wasn’t so lucky with viewing rates, though. But we like where Yasser Galal is heading.

Sokar Zeyada

A-For Trying!


Desperate Attempt at Comedy.

With all due respect to the long and iconic history of Adel Imam, but did anyone watch that? We’re sad to see this one goes to waste.

Layaleena 80

Failure At Launch.

This one series had all the elements of greatness; the 80s and the complex political undertones. Sadly, they were poorly utilized.

Nheb Tany Leih

Cheesy Rom-Com.

We enjoyed Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s show up until the “amnesia” part that has been overused in other series this Ramadan.

All shows still have a few days left, but will they be enough to change our minds?