Mother’s Day ads are usually full of clichés and honestly no value. Surprisingly there was one campaign this year that actually made us slightly emotional, empowered, want to go hug our moms, and to be honest, a little bit hungry.

Kiri decided to take a different approach than the regular Mother’s Day campaigns and joined forces with the women behind Four Fat Ladies.

Who are the Four Fat Ladies?

The Four Fat Ladies is a bakery that delivers all over Cairo. It was founded by three sisters who decided to take what their mama taught them as a serious business. And in respect for their mother, she is the honorary fourth member of the team; hence being called Four Fat Ladies, and not Three Fat Ladies.

What happens in the ad?

The ad shows the story of how the three sisters’ mother has been on their side throughout their years, and that till this day she is still the main inspiration for the women.

Why it hit us right in our feelings?

It’s really quite a breath of fresh air to see an ad that doesn’t just show a woman in the kitchen with a baby voice-over telling us how great mothers are. Instead, Kiri focused on featuring real women, real mothers, and real stories!

By using a real story, Kiri managed to both inspire mothers and daughters alike, while still recognizing the entire devotion mothers share on a daily basis.

More importantly, this story really validates to all mothers that regardless of how different their ways are, a mother’s way is always lovable.

The best part comes at the very end, however.

Kiri did not just let us sob and be grateful for our mothers and just leave us. They decided to make things better by giving a discount on the Four Fat Ladies’ Kiri cheesecake, which is one of the top-selling products at the Four Fat Ladies, and their Kiri range products.

Whether you are a mother yourself or have a mother, Kiri truly wanted us to destroy our kitchen in an attempt to bake with our mamas. If we fail at baking, we could just order a Kiri cheesecake from Four Fat Ladies!