Bombarded with the sweeping range of campaigns this year, there was an obvious spotlight on Palm Hills Developments latest campaign which stopped us in our tracks.

Palm Hills’ latest project, Badya is the first “creative city” in Egypt. Their unique vision was beautifully reflected in their adverts with the entire campaign depicting famous paintings, quite literally, coming to life as though the compound itself was a museum.

While there are a number of aspects that we believe make this campaign one of the most breathtaking we’ve seen the following is a breakdown of why Badya is nothing short of artistic.

With that being said, some were left a bit confused by how the ad relates to the Badya project. Since the project has been announced, the link between the ad and the project has been becoming more and more clear; the project is truly a piece of art!

And because we overthink everything, we decided to dissect the ad and directly link it to Badya!

The Idea is Brilliant

Turning famous masterpieces such as René Magritte’s The Son of Man, Henry Rousseau’s The Dream, and Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles into relatable depictions of modern life is revolutionary in nature and transports the viewer into the artwork.

With the message of life imitating art, Badya communicates the essence of their campaign of how they aim to build a community that values art, culture, and the sustainability of nature.

The Nostalgic Song

The advert was accompanied by an ethereal cover of The Cranberries’ “Dream” composed by Key66’s Sary Hany and sung by local songstress, Naila Marei. This fitting track perfectly complemented the style of the campaign and created a soundtrack to the enigmatic atmosphere of Badya.

The choice of song, as well, features a song we all know and love, but with a new, creative and more personalized version. Linking this to Badya; it goes to the fact that the homes are built creatively with a new vision that still feels like home!

Lively Colors

Rather than rely on the work of more famous painters, Badya proved that they too had matching artistic aptitude through the use of an evocative color palette. The vibrant color scheme was prevalent in the entire campaign and allowed it to stand out from the crowd.

This goes back to the designs of Badya, where the trees, buildings, and streets are all vibrant, colorful, and look like nature.  

 The Frida Kahlo Lookalike

While the campaign used various paintings, arguably the most exciting aspect was the “cameo” by Frida Kahlo! Due to the recent commercialization of the Mexican artist, the decision to include her amongst Magritte, Rousseau, and Van Gogh was nothing short of genius.

How does Frida Kahlo relate to the project? Simple, the ones choosing to live in Badya are the ones who relate to Kahlo; they are risk takers, unique, vibrant, and love nature!


Opting for English language

What originally created the buzz around the ad is that it’s an ad for an Egyptian Real Estate Development company, yet it’s all in English! Despite the fact that the idea is somehow bizarre but it’s outstandingly striking, being one of the Ramadan 2018 marathon leaders.


It Spoke of Every Stunning Thing about Badya

The aesthetics of the Ad with all the luxurious vibes captured how Badya itself, with its open green spaces, introduces technology-assisted living homes in the heart of 6th October City. It is literally a wonderland that has everything from an international university to a country club. It even has a mall!

The campaign is exceptionally gratifying and pleasing to the eye that it’s actually hard to forget. Special thanks to Palm Hills Developments for getting us to art again in this bustling life we live.

To find out more about the rising cultural community on Cairo’s west side, pay their website a visit, and follow Palm Hills Developments’ Facebook and Instagram.