Women have always identified and expressed themselves through their jewelry. There are at least six types of jewelry lovers; those who prefer gold over silver; those who prefer diamonds over pearls; and those who prefer to wear nothing at all. The type of jewelry you choose to wear makes a clear statement about who you are. You tend to choose styles that represent your true personality.

1. Silver

You are not the type of woman who follows the herd! You always have a preference to wear sterling silver rings and designer inspired necklaces over anything else.

silver lol

2. Pearl

These are women who have an eye for art and classic beauty. They tend to  accept change easily; they’re also honest, faithful and down to earth.


 3. Gold

Wearing gold has always signified wealth and wisdom, ever since the pharaohs’ era! Women often buy it for investment; it has nothing to do with being rich or poor though!


4. The Latest Trendy Jewelry

These women make bold statements with their jewelry by wearing the latest custom and fashion pieces they can afford. The jewelry they wear is versatile and usually stands out. They don’t care much for brand names and dress like hippies!

not real

5. Diamonds

The majority of women who prefer diamonds are a bit traditional, conservative, and quite reluctant to accept change. Others, socially known as the Bourgeoisie, are addicted to giant diamond solitaires of renowned designers!


 6. Stones

There is more to wearing stones. Those women are quite sentimental, spiritual, and have a solid foundation of faith and beauty!

7.  Not Interested?

Some women are not really interested in jewelry and are more interested in natural beauty. They have great self confidence and never fall for peer pressure. They stand out with their unique style.