What’s up with the selfie phenomenon? Many people are taking at least a selfie or two per day!! My question is.. who are you trying to reach? What are you trying to say?  You probably want to project a certain image about yourself, like the “I made it big”, or “I’m head over heels”…..but hang on.. you are trying to impress your imaginary audience, aren’t you? You think they actually budge?  

1.  A beautiful  selfie makes your day just awesome, doesn’t it?

You probably have taken countless selfies in the morning to be able to come up with this beautiful one! how terrific! Now that you have changed your facial expression a little bit, you look great!! ….WELL DONE!

2. Sexual undertones

Hey Chic! You are so happy with your new bikini. you take as many selfies as you wish using different angles…some with sexual undertones if you know what I mean…but still, it should seem as ‘ belsodfa ya3ny’   TAKE CARE CUTIE PIE AS YOU MAY DEVELOP OCD

3Attention-Look at me philosophy

if you are an introvert, then this applies. You’re lacking attention, aren’t you? . You think why is everyone else on Facebook and Instragram and I’m not !!!:(  you feel lonely, and you desperately check the number of  ‘likes’ your selfies get….   SORRY!

4. A ‘social’ proof about your life style and where you belong!

Nothing identifies you more as a member of any group than taking a selfie with them (or in that case an ‘Ussie’ ). You probably want to show others that you are ‘their’ friend, and that you belong to ‘that’ group!(I am talking ‘subconscious’ here..) Here you are, having fun with the peeps yeaay!! In some cases, you need to remind yourself that you are ‘important’, and have valuable friends and good connections..sad but…partially true 🙂

5. Now, I am independent, a bit adventurous!

 Now I want to show others that I am independent too. Yes, I have friends and connections, but now it’s ‘my’ time. I take selfies performing a bungee jump. I am adventurous, travelling on my own to explore the world and the hidden truth. The purpose of such selfies tends to be less about inclusion with a group, and more about showing off, just a little bit..

6. Mesh taye2 nafsy!

You are bored like hell, and you start taking selfies and act as if you don’t mean it. This happens in the car MOST OF THE TIME on your way back home (fel za7ma). In that case, you take more than one selfie; and each time, you adjust something…the angle? the look? mouth? eye brows?  haha SELF ABSORBED FOLKS

7. I am NOT happy with my marriage–spirit

In some cases, you  take too many selfies, but it is either alone or with friends. And at the same exact time, your wife is doing just the same..it’s too obvious man!  I AM STALKING YOU! Shocked?

8. I am so handsome

It is true you look great with this beard…and ah! you lost weight as well…..but take care you seem like a narcissist, because I HAVE SEEN YOUR 20 SELFIES THIS WEEK!!

9.   Let’s take a photo together

This is a real cause. You are having a  wonderful moment with the ones you love..and you want it now. SOUNDS COOL

10. Keeping memories

You love to take many selfies from time to time to document all the important events in your life. It helps to see yourself looking efficient, young, attractive, or whatever when you’re feeling down. It is like checking your wedding pictures after a fight with your husband:D … you are not as unattractive or useless as you thought.