Sherine Abdel Wahab


It’s only the third day of 2019, and the mega singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has already managed to ruffle some feathers.

Apparently, in her New Year’s concert, Sherine made a couple of remarks that insulted Egypt. AGAIN.

One of them was when someone in the audience complimented her performance and her response was: “Ana 5osara Fe Masr” which translates to “I am too good for Egypt.

Okay, DIVA.

There’s joking and there’s just playing offensive. 

Her other insulting remark took place when a glass table happened to break in the hall. She commented saying “Mstnyeen eh ma anto fe masr?” which translates to “What do you expect when you are in Egypt?

Nice representation there, star!  

In the last episode of his talk show “Akher Al Nahar“, host Tamer Amin addressed these remarks and plainly criticized the star’s attitude and inappropriate behavior now and in the past.

Sherine’s statements were so enraging to the talk show host that he angrily said “Sherine obviously has a problem. She is clearly incapable of controlling her tongue when she’s performing live on stage!

He also urged the Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate to take a strong stand against Sherine’s inappropriate behavior, demanding to have her banned from performing live altogether.

This was not the first time nor the only time Sherine utters the wrong thing. The VERY wrong thing! There’s a whole list of things, people, and countries that the diva didn’t hesitate to flat-out insult.

Rania Youssef

In fact, in this very concert, Sherine took a shot at Rania Youssef when she sarcastically said (in the mic) “give me a second to adjust the lining of my dress“. Referring to the whole Rania Youssef’s CFF dress dilemma.

Just not cool. So NOT cool! 

Amr Diab & Elissa

And of course, we all remember when she belittled Al-Hadaba Amr Diab and Elissa on stage in Amr Youssef and Kenda Alloush’s wedding.

Basically fishing for enemies. 


And of course when she made fun of Tunisia (Tunis) and called it ‘Ba2dones‘ which means parsley. Insulting not one, not two, but an entire nation with another one of her ‘jokes’.

(watch from 0:21 to 0:44)

Another “joke” we presume?

Egypt & The Nile

Who can forget the whole ‘bilharzia’ incident? When she was asked in one of her concerts to sing her hit  “Mashrebtsh Mn Nilha”, to which she replied saying that drinking from the Nile could cause “bilharzia”.

As expected, this inappropriate remark backlashed on the pop star and put her in the face of harsh criticism. You can read all about here.

Whether she likes it or not, Sherine is a public figure. And she does represent an entire country with her behavior and manners.

However, the way the pop star has chosen to carry herself is in no way appropriate to her status nor does it reflect the best picture of our country and manners.

It is one thing to make a harmless joke with your friends, but a whole other thing to publicly insult an entire country, your own country, ON STAGE IN THE MIC!  

We do agree with Amin on one thing, THIS DOES NEED TO STOP!


UPDATE (5th of January, 2019):

According to Youm7, attorney Dr. Samir Sabry filed an official report to The Attorney General against Sherine Abdel Wahab accusing her of offending Egypt in her last New Year’s concert.

Also according to Al-Masry Al-Youm, Sherine released an official statement through her lawyer’s Dr. Hossam Mostafa responding to the accusations directed at her. In the statement, Sherine denied ever offending Egypt in her last New Year’s concert.

She also implied that someone is deliberately trying to frame her and make her look bad and disrespectful to her country by taking her jokes out of context. She also clarified the two situations in which she said the two remarks people are attacking her for.

The star finished her statement by saying “I am an Egyptian, born and raised. And I will not let anyone underestimate my love for my country or my fans’ love for me.” She also announced that she assigned her lawyer Dr. Hossam Mostafa to take a stand against anyone who tries to frame her or accuse her of offending and insulting Egypt.