Breaking old restrictive traditions in Egypt is now what many are heading to, and as much as it’s pretty revolutionizing and freeing, it’s unfortunately also, often perceived as odd! This generation, especially girls in Egypt nowadays, are putting so much effort in breaking traditional and illogical barriers. Isn’t it just inspiring!

For instance, a girl with a scooter wandering the streets of Egypt and working as a delivery person is not something that would have been lightly taken had it been done a couple of years ago; which stresses the fact that we are, indeed moving forward, in a more or less, acceptable pace to the current society.

Not too far away from Cairo; Nour Mohamed, a 19 year old who lives in Alexandria, is now the first Egyptian delivery girl. One  would consider her “Barriers breaking” move quite an achievement.

Nour delivers everything from money, to food, supermarket orders, specific packages and even keys anywhere in Alexandria, with very affordable fees.

Through her Facebook page and Instagram account, you can send her the details of your delivery, and it usually takes from 15 to 20 minutes arrival time depending on the order.


The 19 year old started thinking about this delivery project exactly one month ago, and she was quick to make it come true, as she already had her own scooter bought from last December.

As a girl who lives in Egypt and is forced down by the society’s boundaries as usual, it was definitely difficult for Nour to start her project without worries and fears from her parents; because unfortunately, she will obviously be exposed to harassment and mockery wherever she goes.

“I suffered from the opinion of others, as well as the old Egyptian mentality and how it’s frowned upon finding a girl not just riding a scooter alone in the streets, but also working as a delivery girl.” says Nour and indicates that despite that, she will keep on doing what she thinks is right for her.

Nour will start her first year of college at Alexandria university coming September, where she will be studying Commerce, and it looks like she might find a way to maintain her new job as a delivery girl too!

Nour’s example, with her ambitious spirit and determination, certainly exists everywhere in Egypt, but in order to go against the flow, you must have will power and fearlessness despite everyone and everything! Fortunately, that’s how you can go after what you want, just like her.

Isn’t it just great to see Egyptian women kicking ass? Especially in jobs that are seen as ‘Men exclusive’ in our society, just like this one!  

You go girl; and we hope your services spread all over. (Please come to Cairo)

Facebook Page: Nouvery

Instagram page: Nouvery