Identity Overheard is about one on one conversations between two people that are debatable. Taking note that these conversations are from real life experiences.


M: I don’t think you should fight for something so much especially when it hasn’t been long enough to be worth it. I understand you are hurting, but if he cared as much he would at least reconsider letting go to begin with.


F: I know it hasn’t been long enough, but if I’m fighting this hard for him then I would like to believe that I need him more than just wanting him. And that’s what makes the difference. After all I am the one in the wrong here, and some people deal with pain differently and I have to respect his feelings at this point.


M: What if these are mixed emotions simply due to the fact that you once had him and now you don’t, I think you should deal with the pain instead of dragging your pride behind you? Even more so if he can’t forgive you for your mistakes no matter how big or small they are then you haven’t settled in his heart yet.


F: I’m not saying that this can’t be a valid possibility, but I know for a fact it has nothing to do with mixed emotions especially when all I can think of is the saying “you don’t know what you had until its gone”. About settling in his heart or not this is something only he can decide and admit, so far he hasn’t, so I will keep fighting. Some people take longer than others to heal; you have got to respect that fact.



After hearing this conversation, I will have to conclude:

Keep your negative advice to yourself, if you have something good to say be my guest if not then forever hold your peace. Girls can be fighters before even becoming lovers, so when a girl decides to fight for something, be sure that she has a purpose, and in that purpose lie many things guys don’t understand and never will. Some men fight so hard to get to one thing and then they give up the fight once they have it, women fight whether they got what they want or have miserably failed. If a woman stumbled across the road of love and fell in a sinful act, if she believes she can deliver more than what she already has and is sure it was one of those weak moments, hold on to that fighter, they will be willing to go to the moon and back just for you.