Ahmed El-Fishawy

Celebrities and legal battles aren’t exactly the most shocking duo on the block. We were all raised on a healthy diet of celebrity feuds. Some of which have crossed into the courtroom so nothing is quiet barrier-breaking anymore.

Case in point, when Ahmed El-Fishawy announced that a tell-all interview about his relationship with his daughter will premiere soon, well, it’s safe to say no one was surprised. This has been a long time coming.

On one fateful 2003 day, this Fishawy saga started and hadn’t quite stopped. Even when we’d all hoped it did.

After an intense, long-winded parentage case between El-Fishawy and Hind Henawy, things settled down and the families involved had finally reached some semblance of peace.

That is, of course, until the day some asked where Leena El-Fishawy was during her grandfather Farouk El-Fishawy’s funeral. The answer was soon on the way. An online video, in which Leena told the world about her troubles with her father and child support, among other things.

Naturally, the video raised public ire and Ahmed El-Fishawy fired back with lawyer statements about Hend Hinawy’s character and parenting style, with a lawsuit attached.

These recent spats only accumulated to Leena and her mother raising and winning lawsuits against Fishawy regarding the travel ban and the missing child support, though, Fishawy doesn’t want to let it go lightly.

See, Ahmed El-Fishawy had announced recently that a tell-all interview about his relationship with his daughter Leena will premiere on March 11th.

To all of this, we’re just asking one question. Why?

Let’s just state the obvious, shall we? Nothing we hear in this interview is ever going to change anyone’s point of view if they already have one. Plain and simple.

The only thing this interview is going to do is cause more pain and suffering to everyone directly involved. Not for any reason except that it will keep word circulating about a case that’s not really any of our business.

We hope all parties involved reconsider the fact that everything’s out in the open now because it might point them to a direction where they can find another means of reconciliation, if it’s possible, or ending it once and for all.

Issues like these are too private and intimate and important to turn into a spectacle or a public debate. We shouldn’t have a say in them and we shouldn’t contribute to making them stick around longer than they need to.

This Fishawy case has haunted us enough.