A Grapefruit a day

Try to eat at least one grapefruit a day, no matter how bitter it is. According to researches and scientists, eating grapefruit as part of your daily routine make you lose more weight since it makes you feel less hungry.


Cut down on your salt intake

The normal average salt consumption is 9g a day; we just want you to cut it down to 3g. Try to get rid of your breakfast cereals and bread. If you’re a salt lover, you can always replace it with herb salt, a natural lower-salt alternative. 


Eat eggs

We’re sure you’ve all already heard of the well-known egg diet, which is effective because eggs are high in protein and protein is a natural appetite suppressant. One research showed that if you eat two eggs at breakfast, you will end up eating 400 calories fewer throughout your day. 


Beat the bloat

Did you know that swallowing air is the action that causes bloating the most? Yeah, well, try to avoid swallowing air by eating slowly, get rid of fizzy drinks, and chewing gum. 

Exercise regularly

While getting rid of certain foods will make a noticeable difference to your skin, hair and overall figure, working out and exercising is definitely the key to lose any excess weight. If you don’t have time to go to a gym, there are a lot of training lessons on the internet that you could do at home. Just make sure to combine cardio (treadmill, jogging, etc.) with lifting free weight.


Take Vitamins

While you are trying to get as many sources of vitamins as possible from your diet, it’s always a good idea to keep your body well-supplied with some additional supplements. We recommend Vitamin B, which will not only boost your energy levels while working out, but while planning your wedding as well.