1. It’s A Mood Booster.

The scenario goes as follows… It’s 6 pm and you were supposed to be out of work like an hour ago, BUT your boss asks you for a favor….AGAIN!  Maybe it’s time to pull out this crunchy chocolate bar to ease that PAIN! It happens..



2. It Prevents Heart Attacks.

No wonder about that! It seems that eating one bar of dark chocolate a day can reduce cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks and strokes. Woo!



3. Chocolate And Pregnancy DO mix.

Chocolate makes happier babies! Not only that, but studies have shown that babies of Chocolate loving mamas were less fearful and more responsive to new situations as compared to babies who did not receive chocolate during pregnancy.



4. It Protects Against Alzheimer’s

Want to improve your memory? Just drink two cups of hot chocolate a day! Yes, this protects old people against dementia! Good news; isn’t it?

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5. It is an Excellent Pre-Exercise Snack

One bar of dark chocolate gives you short bursts of energy. Studies have shown that chocolate in general boosts work out results. So keep it your pre- work buddy!

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