Flirting with Zodiac Signs

Sometimes, you try your best and your hardest to get into the flirting game but something just keeps holding you back. You’re not really sure what is — maybe you chose bad timing or the wrong person, or maybe you just don’t have game.

Well, here’s the new fun thing to do. Try flirting via zodiac sign. Yes, we’re aware of what we wrote but hey, when all else fails, you’ll still have these fun little tips to back you up. Read up!


Known as the most excitable sign, Arieses are easy to please. They prefer straight forwardness and directness so be overly cheesy and bold with your pick up lines and they’re sold. In fact, it wouldn’t be too ambitious to say they might be in love with you now.


Tauruses are very homey people. They’re into good food, good TV/cinema, and basically anything that crosses the border into fine taste.

The way to flirt with this sign is, honestly, a little tedious. You’ll have to study many Rom-Coms and you might run into a little trouble trying to get the Taurus you’re into to see that you’re flirting with them. It’s all worth it, though.


A lot (most of which is not good) has been said about Geminis and their mood swings and their wildly different takes on life, but don’t worry. Flirting with them is the easy part.

As soon as you see a Gemini you’re interested in, walk over and start an argument. Yes, you read it correctly. Geminis love nothing more than having intellectual arguments they’ll win in the end. And once you let them win (not too easily now), they’ll notice you more.


Cancers are deeply in tune with their emotions, which doesn’t make them difficult to flirt with even though it might seem that way at first.

People who are naturally emotional love being noticed and thought of and that’s literally all you have to do. Start conversations by recalling facts or stories they’ve said before or share something with them and tell them it made you think of them — that’s it, you’re in.


In life, there are a few sayings we all know. “A dog is a man’s best friend”, “there’s no place like home”, and “if you want to win a Leo over, start with compliments”.

Just to seal the lid on this one, no, not all Leos are cocky but they’re all aware of their skills and their perceptions in a way no one else is. Once you’re aware of that as well, start complimenting them on everything and never stop. That’s how you get a ride-or-die Leo.


As the Tired Aunt figure of the zodiac, Virgos can be a little intimidating and hard on the edges but once you get to know them, you’ll absolutely love them.

To get to know them, though, you’ll need to put in the work and start being super considerate of them and their feelings as well as showering them with little kind gestures. For a Virgo, there’s no such thing as too much care…even if they don’t show you they like that.


Another sign that’s really into compliments and flattery, Libras are very easy to get along with. Sometimes, it will feel like you don’t have to try at all and that’s the trap everyone falls into.

Once you get to a stage where you’re both comfortable enough, up the flattery and the flirting. Libras can’t get enough of either.


We’ve been talking about you and your flirting game for a while now and that just might be a tad too tiring here. But don’t fret, because flirting with a Scorpio is an entirely different thing.

See, Scorpios love a person that plays hard to get because, for the most part, they love the chase and this is what you’ll do. Don’t be overly cold, though.


Dying for a chance to release your inner Romanceya Manseya host? Buckle up then, because here it is! Sagittariuses love a good pickup line, the more ridiculous the better.

We should also point out that a Sagittarius doesn’t take themselves too seriously, so you should play it as casually as possible.


To win over a Capricorn, all you have to do is rev up the old sarcasm machine because this sign just can’t get enough of it. In fact, the darker your sense of humor gets, the more they’ll be interested in you. That’s Capricorn Flirting 101.


“Let’s get weird” is the state of mind you want to be in when you’re trying it with an Aquarius. Honestly, there’s nothing you could say or do that will startle them.

If you want to win them over, ask strikingly deep questions that might not make any sense to anyone else and, trust us, they’ll drop everything to have that conversation. Once that happens, drop in as many hints as humanly possible. You’re welcome.


Want to flirt with a Pisces? Be a sap. No, we’re kidding, but one way to go here is to literally tear down your walls and show this Pisces that you’re vulnerable and in tune with your emotions. Admit your imperfections, too.

The more human you are with a Pisces, the more into you they’ll be.

Well, they don’t call it “Shoot Your Shot 2020” for nothing!