Alexandria in Winter

Alexandria in winter is mesmerizing! It’s the kind of getaway that we all need, especially at this point of the year. We all have responsibilities, whether school related or work related and we just want to escape for a while. So why miss a chance of being a tourist in your own country and escaping from reality just for one day?

Life is short to think twice, so hurry up. Call your friends, pick a day and go book those train tickets. Believe me, you won’t regret it and here is why:

#1: The Walks by the Sea are Breathtaking

People living in Alexandria take the sea-view for granted, just like we do with the Nile or the pyramids. But you can’t imagine how peaceful it feels when you are just sitting there enjoying the sound, wind and movement of the water. Having those night walks with someone you care about will definitely heal your heart.

#2: It is not Busy at this Time of the Year

Let’s all agree that during summer, Alexandria becomes unbearable because of the huge amounts of visitors. In winter, it is not the case at all. You’ll find that the streets are barely occupied by Alexandrians themselves. You won’t find long queues when booking tickets to any of the historical landmarks. You’ll enjoy the beauty of this city and its clean quiet streets.

#3: El Montazah is a Must Visit

This place should be on all of our bucket lists because of how amazing the view is. You walk around the park surrounded by greenery and amazing scenery. The Haramlek palace, built by the late king Fouad, that lies within the park is just spectacular. You can enjoy one of the best breakfast views there at Zanili’s Cafe and Restaurant.

#4: You’ll Eat the Best Gelato in Town

If you don’t know Gelati Azza then you are not a true Egyptian. Gelati Azza is one of the most famous ice-cream places in Egypt where you get to experience the tastiest ice-cream there is.

#5: Best Sea Food You’ll Ever Taste

If you love fish, then this is your place to go. Alexandria is known to have the best branches and chains of fish restaurants. Even though some of these chains have branches located in Cairo as well, but the taste is never the same.

Balbaa can be a great choice if you want to experience a typical local night. However if you’re looking for a more sophisticated outing, I would recommend going to Fish Market or Sea Gull.

#6: The Getaway that You Needed

Having lots of commitments and responsibilities sometimes gets on our nerves that we need a break. We need to set ourselves free from the routine and just pretend that we have nothing to worry about for one day. This trip will help you live in another man’s shoes for a day, and it will definitely help reboot your energy!