Suez Teacher

A teacher has filed an official report at the Suez Police Department against four of his students, accusing them of sexual harassment.

According to the teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, four secondary students harassed him during class and defamed him by filming a video of the incident.

The video shows the students harassing the teacher as he was punishing another student by hitting him with a stick. It’s worth noting that physical punishment has been officially banned in schools since 1998.

The video was shared on social media and has been circulating as a joke. In response, the Education Directorate in Suez decided to suspend the students for 15 days.

Media Director at the Directorate of Education in Suez, Ahmed Sheisha, commented on the incident stating, “The Directorate of Education and the school’s administration have conducted an extensive investigation into the incident and all that appeared in the video. The students and their parents were brought to school and confronted with the crime committed in the classroom.”

The investigation revealed that students who appear in the video are troublemakers who are well known to the school administration.

No one deserves to experience any type of harassment, ever, especially while performing their job. However, it’s important to note that according to what we see in the video, the teacher himself has committed physical abuse.

Sadly, what these students have done might not be considered sexual harassment for some.

The act done in the video has been, historically, used as a joke with Egyptian men for as long as it gets. The “joke” is even performed on grooms at most Egyptian weddings until this day.

As for violence against students, while illegal, is still practiced by many teachers.

The school where the incident took place is a private establishment, where parents actually pay for their children’s education. In return, they receive physical punishments. As for moral education, it is obviously as great as it should be, based on these students’ actions.

While the students are held accountable for their actions, the school is as guilty as they are.

*We have chosen not to share the video out of respect to, not just those involved, but out of respect to our readers as well.