Congratulations you’re a graduate now!
We know how overwhelming graduation can be, especially during a pandemic. However, there are some basic tips you need to know in order to start job-hunting and kicking off your career.

1- Learn to write a CV

You could write it yourself and ask your expert friends and family members to screen it for you, or you could simply mirror samples from the internet. Our advice is to seek professional help from career coaches who are now available to guide you on how to write a resume.

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2) List down your qualifications

It may seem a little stressful but it helps a lot – knowing your strengths and weaknesses and working on them. It’s the best thing you can do rather than staying in denial.

3) LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn

A whole platform to help you reach potential employers, don’t skip this tip!

– Name your dream company
-Reach out to their HR or the department’s manager – and there you go!

4) Get additional certification

It may seem like you don’t need additional certification to be hired, BUT there actually are some higher degrees that you may need to have in order to catch the employer’s eye, such as MBA, PMP…etc. Not only that, earning these degrees increases your chances of becoming a real professional in your own field!

5) Weigh your chances!

Dream jobs don’t come easy, so do accept other job offers, and use the time to work on yourself, get familiar with other fields, and gain the necessary experience. Develop your skills in order to land your dream job.

And there you go! We hope this helped. You got a whole world of opportunities ahead of you, good luck.