road trips

A couple of days ago I was stuck on October bridge for so long that I started thinking about some really weird stuff. My brain was functioning in a weird funny way, but maybe that was just the effect of that really long road trip.

Please tell me that you are just as weird and that you at least thought about some of these too.

#1: Why Didn’t I Get My Earphones

Sitting in a car with a careem/uber driver with him babbling about life is just hell on earth. Of course, you’re one of those unlucky people who forget their earphones on important days, and have them every other day. Cool!

#2: I Want to Puke/Go Home

3ayza araga3… Asdi 3ayza arga3‘ kind of thoughts. If you’re one of those people who are always car sick in long rides, then you would know what I mean!

#3: What If I sleep and Get Kidnapped

Has it ever crossed your mind that the uber/careem driver would kidnap you, if you just slept in the car unconsciously? Try to stay awake, if you want to go home safe!

#4: Oh I Wanna Pee

When you’ve been stuck on the road for quite some time and you just feel like peeing in your pants. Everyone starts questioning why they didn’t go to the bathroom before leaving. Why??

#5: Would Anyone Smell The Kabab Flavor of My Chipsy?

When you’re stuck in traffic and you want to eat any of your food, but fear that the whole car/bus would be bothered by the smell of your Chipsy kabab. Would they smell it?

#6: Counting Red Cars

At one point, it gets really boring that you start counting red cars, or any color of that matter. It can be cars or trees, you name it. How stupid is this?

#7: Act as If It Is a Race

Suddenly, you start caring about beating the car next to you. It is not even a race!

#8: Damn Hot Guy/Girl Alert

‘Too bad I won’t be seeing that hot dude/girl ever again’ is the exact thought that comes to our mind when we come across one. Goodbye long ride partners.

#9: You Start Contemplating Life

How does the universe work? Will I ever find true love? These are basically the types of questions that come to your mind on these types of rides.

#10: Will I Ever Arrive?

This is the only valid question/thought. Don’t worry, you will arrive at one point. Just hang in there!

What are some thoughts that cross your mind during long car rides? Share with us in the comments!