Dieting is everygirl’s worst nightmare because all we want to do is eat without gaining weight. But because we always need to look at the bright side of things, we brought you these funny moments that every girl passes through.

#1: I’ll Start Tomorrow

This is how we ALL function when it comes to starting a diet. You’d be talking to your friend about how today is the first day of your new diet, and then suddenly you start eating a piece of chocolate. Of course, your friend is very surprised but then boom, you just use the ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ card. Happens almost every single day!

#2: This is a Free Day

Free days are sacred and we can never deny this! But only if it is truly a free day! Here is what always happens, you start dieting, you tell yourself you’re not allowed to have ANY free days for about a week or so. “I repeat NO free days” That’s you yelling at yourself. But what actually happens is free days everyday. Hence, lots of free carbs in your kersh too!

#3: Is Ice cream/Pizza/Shawerma Considered Fatty Food?

Of course, you are just a poor little kid who is learning all about the meals and their ingredients. We all know that this question is sincere and you are not really sure if Shawerma is part of your dietary plan or not. And yes, you are not allowed to eat any of these except in your dreams!

#4: Big Mac Combo Large With Diet Coke

The Diet Coke always saves the day!!! Because who gains weight from a big max combo large? Absolutely no one! It is the Coke that we are extremely worried about!

#5: One Day Through the Diet, Did I Lose Any Weight?

OMG!!! It seems like you’ve lost it all! But I am not actually talking about the weight, I am talking about your brain.

#6: Dreaming Of You Eating Your Favorite Food

These are nightmares and not dreams. Because dreaming of eating your sister because she resembled a molten cake covered in chocolate syrup and ice cream is not a nice dream.

#7: The Massacres You Do On Your Actual Free Days

This is the funny part, you invite all your friends over and order from almost every single restaurant or food chain you like. So by the end of the day, you keep marking on your checklist the food that you ate for the day.

Ice-cream: Check , Pizza: Check, Shawerma: Check, Fries: Check, Burger: Check. Pasta: Check and the list goes on and on.

#8: Ending your Free Day With Fawar

You can’t but end your dreamy day with fawar, because otherwise you’ll die out of tummy pain. At this point, fawar is your true best friend.

#9: Am I Eating Plastic?

You are back to dieting after having your 10th free days in one week and you just feel like you are chewing plastic. All this plastic grilled chicken with the plastic salad. You deserve it! Because who eats all of this food in just one day.

May they invent pills that allow us to eat an endless amount of food without gaining weight. Amen!