You know how all parents are special and our greatest blessings. Parents also have the power to embarrass us in public without even noticing. We are not talking about giving you the death glare because you did something wrong kind of embarrassment, but rather the kind where they…

Put you on the spot

You know when you have just started your music classes and they decide to ask you to play in front of the entire family. “Da Micho just started his piano class, mate3zeflena 7aga kda ya micho and show tante” and your mind goes like, “I literally just got back from the very first class.”

And it doesn’t end there, they might be certain that you have no idea how to brew coffee and as soon as you get your boyfriend’s mom they ask you to fix her coffee. Mama you shouldn’t be a mother in law just then, wait a while at least until it’s official.

Share your private life with Tante Sanaa

So you know how we all sometimes treat our parents as our confidante, right? Well, they just don’t seem to get it. While you are sitting there and you had just hit puberty and they go like “e7na khalas ba2ena mademoiselle-at” while giving you the side look with a wink. Mama, no, this is not just the kind of information that we should share with our friends for two reasons. One, she couldn’t care less. Two, why? Seriously!

Act as a khatba

Especially moms. They gang up with their friends against you to marry you away. They go to their regular club outing and decide to bring both of you together on the same day. Not only that but they say things like “Salemt 3la bent tante ya 7abibi, shoft 3asoula ezay!” 3asoula? Bgd?

Throw you under the bus

So you go to your practice or whatever and you tell your coach you were late because you had an assignment due and had to get it done before you go out. Then your dad comes and decides to ask the coach about how you are doing, and for no apparent reason at all he says, “asl so7abo kano 3ando fel beit enaharda.” Thanks Pa.

And the incidents continue till our last breath. They wouldn’t care how old you’re getting, or if you’re married and with kids or what, you will always be their little child. As much as they can put us through one hell of an embarrassingly fun ride, they give us the best laughs and most valuable memories. Drop everything you’re doing and appreciate them for just a minute.