How often do you catch your favorite celebrity wearing local designs? The answer is, more than ever. The Egyptian fashion scene has been on the rise for quite some time now, and many of us are definitely shifting their shopping attention towards our evolving local designers and products. Still, we do realize the hassle we all have to undergo in order to find just the right products and designers.

That’s why we would like to introduce you all to the one place that is about to make your shopping time a lot easier. Meet, Galleria Street; the online website specializing in high-end Egyptian brands only and providing us all with one shopping experience like no other!

Now that we’ve got your attention, you must be wondering about the kinds of products they are offering, the different payment methods and so on, right? Well, we hear you and we’re about to give you all the information you need!

First things first, the Galleria Street website -as the name implies- has all kinds of shopping categories. Varying between fashion, jewelry, home-décor, artwork, you name it.

As previously mentioned, Galleria Street works, exclusively, with high-end brands. Guaranteeing nothing but a top-notch class-A purchasing experience. And here are some of them…

  • Beik+Moll for authentic watches with a global touch
  • Il Coccio for exquisitely handcrafted tableware and home décor
  • Teo Fashion for top quality and natural leather women’s shoes
  • Noha ElKordy Designs for luxury Egyptian jewelry
  • We Care Eco-Friendly Solutions for eco-friendly products that are multi-purpose, recyclable, compostable, and are of high quality for home use.

And so many more local designers.

We are positive you’ll be turning your every weekend to a shopping spree in no time. As for the payment methods, currently, all payments are cash-on-delivery but they’ll soon be adding the online-payment feature too!

So, you can all kiss your days of browsing through Facebook for hours, messaging sellers for the price, or asking a friend about a good place to buy a product GOODBYE. This is what makes Galleria Street perfect.

You’ll easily find the price under your favorite product, add it to your cart, type in your address et Voilà!

So how cool is this you guys? All the top-grade local brands you need to get your hands on are now just one click away. Just visit the Galleria Street website and support our local designers!