After 8 years of investing in Game of Thrones, the show has finally come to an end, and like most people, we’re highly disappointed!

Before we get into details, obviously, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

The last season has been nothing but a huge disappointment to most, and the last episode managed to make it even worse! With so many plot holes and poor acting, too many important parts were left untapped.

Before we proceed, we have to warn again, do not read if you have not seen the episode.

The characters development, especially Jamie’s, was thrown off the window (No Bran pun intended)

I might be one of the few people who agree with Daenerys’s Mad Queen arc, but I still find that it was wrongly transitioned. We needed to see the process of it happening, not just her snapping into insanity when she was perfectly sane before it.

Now as for Jamie, that was just a huge disappointment. I get it; you’re trying to prove a point by saying people never change, but it still does not make any sense. It would’ve been okay if he had made it clear that he’s in the north to fight against the Night Walker, and leave right after, but he chose to stay. He knew there was a war against Cersi after it, why didn’t he leave right after the war against the Night King?

It felt like a waste of a character. Even his death with Cersi could have made us bawl our eyes out, but it was rushed and meaningless. Instead of witnessing a meaningful death, we got to see him fight Euron Greyjoy in one of the weakest fight scenes in the entertainment industry. It felt like a scene from a GOT parody!

And speaking of Euron Greyjoy, who the hell is this character and why did he even exist? And more importantly, how was his fleet not seen by Daenerys when she was FLYING on a dragon? Which leads us to the next point…

The battle strategies don’t make any sense

Let us start with the battle of Winterfell. I’m not an army general, but I played enough video games to know that you never have an army front line as cavalry. So why were the Dothrakis the front line of the battle?

Moreover, why was Ghost even in this battle, as front line as well? As far as we know, he’s not immune to white walkers, and he would’ve been more useful with Bran where Bran can take over his body as self-defense.

As for Greyworm, how did he not die when he was leading the Unsullied army, and we all saw that first collision?

Now moving back to Euron Greyjoy and Daenerys, again, how did she not see his fleet? She’s flying on a dragon to scout the area, but managed to miss a whole fleet? What was she doing up there? Singing Aladdin’s “A whole new world”?

Again, weak plotline, and a weak war strategy!

One more thing about Euron Greyjoy; the actor Pilou Asbæk, bless his heart, tried to act. He really did. But the acting was so poor, it borderlines on a parody of Game of Thrones meets Pirates of the Carabian; leading to our next point.

The acting throughout the season was extremely poor; even Peter Dinklage can’t save it!

To be fair, there were some scenes with good acting. Brienne getting knighted and everyone involved in the scene, and Theon, played by Alfie Allen, dying while protecting Bran were some of the highlights. But if we’re talking about consistency, none of the actors were good except Tyrion played by Peter Dinklage.

One of the main actors who we had huge troubles with is Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow.

I’ve been a huge fan of Kit and Jon Snow, and must admit I had a huge crush on the actor and the character, but his acting this season was just plain brutal. His character was already butchered by the writer, he could not afford bad acting with it.

Honestly, it felt like actors didn’t care enough about the actual acting, except for Dinklage. And the Dragons; they did a great job, but sadly they aren’t real.

Now let’s talk about the horrible ending, starting with Bran

Throughout the show, Bran kept saying “I can never be Lord of Winterfell, I’m the three-eyed raven.” Now all of a sudden, “Hey, I’ve been planning to be king all along, surprise!”

This does not make any sense! Did Hodor really die for this? Really? At least act surprised!

Arya turning into Christopher Columbus adds nothing to the story

Who cares about Arya the explorer? Since killing the Night King, her character added nothing to the plot. Why not kill her then and there, and giving her a proper ending? A heroic death, and make us cry a little?

It just seemed like a frantic attempt to make a spin-off for Arya the Explorer, and we’re not there for it!

When was being independent ever an option, and why didn’t other lords opt for this?

I’m biased; I love Sansa and was happy she became queen and finally got a break. But seriously, when was being independent ever an option? Is it just that easy to drop a kingdom? Why didn’t Ned Stark do that and save us the whole show?

Finally, why the hell is there still a Nightwatch? And what did that last scene even mean?

What are they protecting people from? Climate change?

But at least Ghost got the love he deserves…

This is all that matters.

Game of Thrones might have ended, but it took a huge part of all our lives, and we are still grateful for it. Even though the last season received so much hate, many people enjoyed it. If you’re one of the lucky few who enjoyed it, we envy you and feel free to disagree with how we felt.

The main story might have not been horrible, but the whole season felt rushed, which was disappointing. Cersi and Jamie’s death scene could’ve been amazing. Jon Snow killing Danny could’ve been epic. Arya and the Night King felt meh.

Just some simple efforts could’ve made it an unforgettable season; for the right reasons!

With that said, we still give many props to the creators and actors of the show for giving us eight full years of pure entertainment.

We can’t ignore the efforts put into the Battle of Winterfell, even if we didn’t enjoy its story. The scene where Jon Snow ran around the battlefield with a single camera shot will forever remain a masterpiece. Even with Kit Herrington’s weak performance throughout the season, this scene was still genius!