Gehad is a new artist who uses mixed media tools and paint to create visual interpretations of her thoughts, philosophies and observations of the universe. The result is a collection of intriguing, dark images that will stir your thoughts and imagination. We had the privilege of meeting humble and talented Gehad in Alchemy Restaurant and Bar where she displayed her art and she briefed us about herself and her work.   

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1.Tell us about yourself and your art?

I’ve been doing art work since I could hold a crayon. I don’t know why I started I think it’s something aesthetic, you know drawing something that looks really nice and beautiful. That has always been my passion. I’ve always been interested in mythology, like history and dinosaurs. I think the influence still shows in my art work; it isn’t very realistic. Even if there is realism, there’s always a touch of fantasy and that fascinates me because its always fun to imagine new things.

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2. Have you ever done exhibitions before or is this your first?

I’ve done an exhibition with my graduating class in University, it was a group exhibition. I also did an exhibition last year in Poland.It was a workshop called Women for Democratic Revolution, where there were 20 women from Poland and 10 from Egypt. We worked a workshop and we spoke about our differences and similarities and then at the end of the workshop, after 10 days, we did an exhibition that toured Poland and then it came here in Cairo in Darb 1718 and it also exhibited here.

3. Your favorite piece of work that you have created?

It’s such a hard question, you know, because they all are sort of like your children. Recently, I have been doing a lot of digital work but my favorite have always been anything that I’ve done by hand. One of my favorites is actually one of the silver ones. That was spray paint and marker on wood. I have another one called the Golden Ram, it is similar to the silver one but it’s in gold.  For now, these are my favorites. Obviously, that changes but those stand out for me because there’s something very translucent about them because they’re very metallic, they change colors depending on where it is and because its on wood as well, it’s on something very natural and organic not like canvas.

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4. What would people be surprised to know about you?

I’ve lived in Egypt and Japan! I went to kindergarten in Japan, then came back to the BBC school in Egypt, then back to Japan for five years in The International School of the Sacred Heart, and finally back home to Narmer American College and throughout, it has been art. When I graduated and wanted to go to University, there was no doubt that I wanted to go to Fine Arts. My parents have been very supportive and they understood that Fine Arts is very important to me. Also in University, I discovered theater as well and it also became a passion.

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5. What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself?

Before, I didn’t think about that especially in Egypt, the art scene is not really connected. I mean, there are a lot of artists, a lot of galleries, and a lot of really good projects. Most of the time, it is really like whatever comes my way but recently I have been applying for art residencies. Art residencies are where you either have a project or they have a project idea for you to develop. A lot of them are international; I’ve just started applying to one in Lithuania and another in Italy.


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