So, my friend has been nagging me for a while to try out this new gelato place called Gelato mio. Finally, we decided to actually pay a visit to this place and honestly I’m an ice cream person. At first it occurred to me that that it will be just another overrated overpriced ice cream place claiming that it’s Italian just to attract people, however, that was not at all what I have found out!

Located in Zamalek was a small three tables white store. We were greeted at the door with a smile coming from the friendly staff, offering us to try out any gelato flavor we might be interested in. We settled on cheesecake, crème caramel, milk with berries and the classic strawberry, all flavors were definitely made with love, perfect texture and taste, and they have this little biscuit they put on top, that was freshly baked. It was modestly priced too!

Let’s say that the Italian Gelato Mio isn’t just another ice cream place. It’s the closest to the gelato I had back in Rome. I do promise you a taste of heaven !!