Okay, so let’s not beat around the bush. If you’re a photographer and/or a videographer, you’re struggling a little. Your lifestyle is a tad restless and you’re all over yourself trying to get everything to fall in line for your next project.

It’s relentless, fun work and you love it, we know…but what if we told you, you can now keep all the ‘fun’ and ditch the ‘relentless’ part of the job? Because not only can that happen; there’s even better things to come with that—all you have to do is get OPPO’s new Find X2 Pro!

Can’t believe it yet? Well, just read up on the perks it’ll have to offer you.

You’ll have ensured color consistency

As a visual artist, you need your visuals to be on point and you need your artistic vision to shine through with utmost clarity. This is why this perk will be at the top of your list. With the Find X2 Pro, you’ll have perfect color consistency, which will be a guarantee with the 100% P3 WCG that gives you over one billion colors and a color accuracy of 0.4 JNCD average!

And if you’re worried about setting and fixing your white balance every time you switch a camera, you won’t have to anymore. Like the colors’ consistency, the white balance stays the same when you switch between the three cameras.

And there’s Image multi-focus fusion technology too!

Ultra Night Mode

One of your struggles as a photographer/videographer is probably shooting anything during the nighttime. Artists or not, we all struggle with finding a clear shot for our selfies at night anyway.

And guess what OPPO came up with to fix this? The Ultra Night Mode, which can cover basically all focal lengths however much you zoom. So, whether it’s a difficult telephoto-lens shot or a cute selfie, you’ll be all set!

Improved Zooming

Speaking of zooming, this process has never been more natural or smoother. You can now literally zoom in however close you like because you’ll have a maximum of 30x smooth zooming. As in, the shot will look just as clear and high quality as it did without any zooms.

And this isn’t just limited to photos, by the way. You can also zoom this far in on videos too.

Superior Screen Capabilities

On top of all the exceptional specs; Find X2 Pro comes with superior screen capabilities ‘true billion color” featuring 100% P3 WCG offering over one billion colors displayed, plus an absolute average color accuracy of 0.4 JNCD. In few words; the precise color reproduction of OPPO’s screen is unparalleled, offering professional-grade viewing at your fingertips.

Upgraded Video Lens

Did you know you can easily shoot a short film with the Find X2 Pro? Because OPPO really makes it that easy! With all these upgrades and perks to its cameras, you have to imagine just how good the video quality is.

Actually, no, you won’t have to imagine. We’ll tell you right now. See, the Find X2 Pro comes with the Ultra Vision Camera System that adopts 48MP for the main camera and the ultra-wide-angle camera and a 13MP for the periscope telephoto camera.

It doesn’t end at that too. The Find X2 Pro is also the first ever phone to support All Pixel Omni-Directional PDAF and Live HDR video filming. Go ahead and shoot that short movie now!

New Design Interpretation

Of course, an artist’s phone cannot just be like any other phone, you know. OPPO took that into consideration and gave us a brand new interpretation of ceramics and vegan leather for an exciting visual, touch-based experience.

More on the ceramic-edition of the Find X2 Pro

Now, this edition gives you a silky touch with a grating new texture that’s based on high-density ceramics. The handset is also just as comfortable as silk and will give a comfortable hold, despite the hard material. And here’s the best part—it’s anti-slip and anti-fragment.

More on the vegan leather-edition of the Find X2 Pro

Don’t worry, this edition of the phone is just as enticing! The Find X2 Pro comes with a top-grade PU environmentally-friendly material that’s just as delicate and soft as it is fashionable. The vegan-leather edition is just pleasing to look at—it’s also a delight to the touch with its quality production that manifests in waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature resistance!

The Find X2 Pro is available in stores at 19,990 LE.